So long swimming: more dance!

Well two days ago I made a really difficult decision to end my rather expensive membership to the gym near my work which has the pool.  Despite classes being over I realized that I have been dragging my feet at going to swim; at going to do something I really have been enjoying!  That was my cue that it was time to bow out graciously and recoup the funds dedicated to that.

On the happy end though; I’ve found another belly dance (more tribal/fusion focus) class which is far closer to my house and really nicely priced.  I’ve been once and really enjoy the vibe of the teacher (who is a large and vibrant woman with incredibly sultry moves!) and the energy of the other women in the class.


I've graduated! Check it out!

So, I’m putting my focus on dancing right now in this post-MLIS classes bit of life. Who knows.  Swimming might come up again (I have awesome prescription goggles!! Must find use for them!!!) if/when I can find a pool closer to home with a far cheaper cost per month than I was paying.  I’m looking into the local “Y”s (none of which are really convenient to home or work though) and other options.  We’ll see.  If not, maybe I’ll send a few feelers out to local horse farms who offer lessons to find out weight limits and get back into riding!

Not that I need another hobby with expensive costuming…

Anyway, that’s the latest update from April D on the exercise front.  The main point of which is to highlight that, despite all my work at being self-accepting, I STILL hesitated to post this acknowledgement of dropping swimming (for ANY reason); because it felt like I was slipping into becoming a “Bad Fatty Stereo-trope StrawWoman” or something.

Took a couple of days to shake myself and realize that 1) I haven’t posted anything in a while and this might just be a good topic (ie: Lingering Guilt over actions perceived as performed by “Bad” Fat people) and 2) I’m better than that sort of guilt.  No one has to defend their personal health/fitness regimes or reasons for changing it up (whether that means ramping up or scaling back).  3) I’m actually really excited to have another dance class and wanted to share the excitement!! 4) I wanted an excuse to show more pictures of a happy fat woman!  To that last end; I’m ending with a photo of my fairly recent 32 yard skirt purchase and new tribal outfit 🙂


I reworked an older tribal bra and purchased the vest/skirt. Killer combo and looks GREAT in big spins!



5 thoughts on “So long swimming: more dance!

  1. Awesome new dance costume, babe!

    I have to say, I’ve missed your posts recently. It’s good to see you back.

    As for dropping swimming, would you even worry about saying it if you weighed less? No, you wouldn’t. And as it stands, you’re not doing less exercise (though it would be perfectly fine if that was the result), but concentrating your efforts in one direction more than another.

    Besides, it really is fine to drop something that isn’t working for you.

    You twirling in a 32-yard skit is a fantabulous image!

    • Thanks Twistie. I hope to get an actually photo of twirling in that huge skirt; it’s fab!!!

      And on the posting; I’ve both missed it and felt good putting things on hold for a bit to let the mental juices recoup. Sometimes I feel like there’s only so much indignant anger I can summon up before I need to recharge! But then I remembered that getting images out there of confident fatties is also a good thing so maybe I don’t have to concentrate on righteous activism every moment 😉

  2. I think you are going to get more out of the new dance class then you were getting from swimming! As you said, the teacher is a big beautiful lady with a great attitude and the class vibe is amazing…We all need to surround ourselves with people who hold us up! i know i love dancing with you, and they all will too! XOXOXO

    • Christina you are awesome 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! And maybe a bit of my lack of zeal for swimming lately was that I’d started to tie it too much to getting a certain number of laps done each time and it had become less fun. Setting myself a yearly goal kinda killed my desire to do it for fun! Definitely a no-no for my personal mind-set! 🙂 I agree; surrounding myself with supportive people and lovely dancers to boot is awesome!!

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