Foto Friday: 32 Yard Skirt in Action

This weekend is going to be very busy so I’m actually writing this all up on Thursday evening!  Huzzah for “Schedule Post” buttons!

I finally managed to remember to get hold of the gorgeous digital photos done by Paul at RT2 photos and they are absolutely lovely.  More to the point of this post; they show that glorious 32 yard skirt from this post in action.

So here’s to celebrating Fatness in Action.  Movement of Fattitude.  Fabulous Fatosity in Frictional Form. Something along those alliterative lines.  It’s skirt-twirling time folks!!

Pug Rescue of New England fund raiser

From a distance, skirt all founced out in mid-spin

Pug Rescue of New England fund raiser

Mid-swoosh. I love the turn of the feet and how ruffled that huge skirt looks!

Pug Rescue of New England fund raiser

My full "Wingspan". And that's with PLENTY of ruffle left in the skirt. It's so much fun to dance with!!

And just one more because I can.  This one is from the cabaret number I was in.  I was one of the few lucky folks allowed to perform two numbers at this Pug Rescue of New England shimmy fundraiser.  It was a LOT of fun and after a full hour of zill workshop earlier that day; this number seemed to turn a lot of heads in appreciation!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Happy Solstice (happy Summer or Winter)!

Pug Rescue of New England fund raiser

Poised and ready for the hip drop on the next beat.


9 thoughts on “Foto Friday: 32 Yard Skirt in Action

  1. Woot! Gorgeous, girlfriend!

    I want a skirt like that – possibly in purple – for those days when a circle skirt just isn’t enough awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness! So gorgeous. I always envied the tribal girls in my dance studio because of their lovely outfits. 🙂 I love your accessories, too!

    • asubjectivity I’m sure if you wanted you could totally swing wearing it everyday 🙂 I know it is incredibly comfortable; though pretty sheer (see-through) despite the black fabric (so this means it does fly around in a lovely way but also means some sort of shorts or other under-skirt might be in order depending on how modest you hope to remain!) The flounce? Definitely worth finding a way to incorporate such a skirt into your life!!! If you tuck the extra up on each side (there are many fun ways to do that) then it even becomes manageable to walk around in!

  3. I know this is old, but I’m hoping all comments get to you somehow! I’m wondering, is the 32 yard skirt a we3 skirt? If so, does it tuck well? Their first tier starts so low; I don’t wan’t the top circle piece to be droopy when tucking

    Whomever the maker, you look awesome spinning in it!

    • Thanks Wendrika! It is indeed a 32 yarder from the fabulous We3 on ebay. It tucks marvelously and is really lightweight despite all the fabric! Hope that helps 🙂

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