Quick Hit: Special K Lady told off

A rather large version of a PostSecret card that is more than a bit of a happy moment of self-love (and disruption of popular dieting narrative) to see:


Text written over this add for getting slim enough to “Shine this summer” with Special K:

“Hey there Special-K Lady.

I know you think I should diet

so I can be slim just like you

thing is, I think I look pretty fabulous

just the way I am

also, Special-K tastes like cardboard

so piss off.”



6 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Special K Lady told off

    • Are you talking about that lady in the ad? She looks pretty normal looking to me. Definitely not with freaky or unnatural proportions or even close to that.

      • Yeah I’m not sure about freakish proportions (diversity in bodies does allow for ones similar to hers) but the idea that she’s entirely un-brushed or smoothed by digital manipulation or that she “got” her body’s shape by eating a particular cereal has always been laughable I think.

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