Celebrating 8 years of belly dancing

I just found myself counting how long it has been since I started belly dancing.  I started in 2003 in May.  So I’ve just recently passed over into 8 years.  Of amazing, body-shaking, self-grounding, confidence-spreading belly dance.  I look forward to many more!  YIP!

As a bit of an homage to that milestone; here are two vastly different videos.  The first is my first whack at Tribal improv on my own in 2006 (after 3 years of dancing). Please note that the music uploaded a bit off from the video so it’s a bit out of sync.

The second is a recent (April 2011, 8 years of dance) tribal solo with sword.  Boo-yah!

What started as something fun to do for an hour once a week has become a twice-a-week, 2.5 hours plus practice time, member of two dance groups, active hobby with workshops and events and recitals and performances spread throughout the year. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’ve aged and I’ve continued to Move It for the fun of it.

One thing that remains constant no matter the years or changes my body or skill levels go through?  I have ALWAYS had a blast while dancing and can’t help but smile 🙂

Happy Shimmies folks!  Look forward to many more decades of this fat woman shaking her shimmy!

What hobbies/activities have you found yourself drawn into for more years than you ever thought possible?


2 thoughts on “Celebrating 8 years of belly dancing

  1. Congratulations on 8 years! It’s so fantastic that you’ve found something you love to do. You always look so vibrant and joyful in your photos and videos!

    I’m hoping that I can say the same about running another 7 years down the road. We shall see 🙂

  2. Congrats, dance sister! I’ve been belly dancing for about 4 years now. I took up belly dance because I wanted to take dance classes, and my husband wouldn’t take anything with me, so I found a local belly dance class. I thought it would just be a fun hobby but now I am a member of a professional dance troupe. I’m caught up in the seminars, events, recitals, and I love it all. I have an awesome teacher who believes every body is beautiful and our troupe has a wonderful mix of shapes, sizes, and styles. Keep it up!

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