Healing my Mouth

I’m on day…uh…11?  Now of post-wisdom-teeth-extraction healing.  I’ve been off the narcotic pain killers for a full day now and am back to like…80 or maybe even 85 percent of normal power.  Considering how awful I was feeling as short as two days ago; I will certainly take this improvement for the wonderful bit of awesome that it is.

So; that’s to explain the rather sudden bit of silence here.  On the brief-update front:

  • Lots of dancing going on.  Many shows coming up this fall and there are two sword numbers in the works that I can’t wait to show off.
  • Hubby is having his 35th birthday on Tuesday and we’re actually both taking the day off to celebrate.  Huzzah!
  • Jobs are still being worked, life is still being lived, love is still being given and received, the world is still spinning around.
  • Tried to do a bit of crochet right after the teeth came out but ended up a few days later ripping it all out because I had failed, in my narco-induced stupor, to read directions correctly.  Oh well.  It wasn’t like I really remembered DOING those rows anyway…

What’s new with you peeps this summer?


4 thoughts on “Healing my Mouth

  1. I had wisdom teeth surgery, and like you, it took me a while to recover at least 75-80% of normal power. How are you doing now? Now, 6 months after surgery, I’m suffering from TMJ and partial numbness on my chin.

    • Madge I still feel like stuff is getting stuck in the holes and get occasional painful twinges but so far no TMJ or numbness and the temperature sensitivity on my teeth has diminished. Really sorry to hear that you’re not faring well!

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