“You cannot defeat me! I’m ROUND!”

Actual snippet of conversation from this evening with my husband. To understand this, when we are speaking of “Ship” and “Dragon” we are actually playing with two stuffed animals that are usually tossed on the couch.

Ship = A fairly round sheep:

"Ship".  Bath & Body Works Stuffed Sheep

"Ship". Bath & Body Works Stuffed Sheep

Dragon: an awesome “crystal” dragon with the softest wee feets:

"Dragon".  Webkins' stuffed Ice Dragon

"Dragon". Webkins' stuffed Ice Dragon

Me: Stop scooting* Ship on Dragon!

Husband: He’s got the Ninja Scoots!  You can’t see ‘im coming.  *slyly drags Ship’s butt up to the Dragon* SCOOT, SCOOT, SCOOT!

Me:  No!  Dragon-chan says NO!  You can’t scoot on me! *cute feets stomp on Ship*

Husband: *turning Ship’s head and grinning* You can’t defeat me!  I’m ROUND!  SCOOT, SCOOT, SCOOT!

Me:  Dammit!  You KNOW that has to win!

Yes.  We can be incredibly silly chez RoundShape.  And yes, such a simple thing, a positive reference to being round as a substitute for winning as opposed to losing?  Totally made my day. Maybe it will make yours too.  Or at least make you grin and shake your head.

Also?  SCOOT!

*Scoots.  Or, more affectionally and long-worded: The Butt Scoots.  That action your cat or dog makes when it has some left-over clingy-bits on their bottom and have decided that the most immediate, nay BEST manner of removing said bits, is to SCOOT their bottom along your carpet, dragging themselves along in a Scoot, Scoot, Scoot motion.  Yeah.  Scoots.


3 thoughts on ““You cannot defeat me! I’m ROUND!”

  1. It gave me a smile, a nice rest from the constant fight. I love the stuffies, especially the dragon, because I am very much a dragon lover. And round should be the winner!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know what you’re speaking of, I call it the booty scoots. There was an episode of the Twisted Whiskers show from the Hub channel, called Mongrels of Modern Art. A dog became a famous artist, and one of his artworks was created by him putting green paint on his butt, and butt scooting across the easel, lol.

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