It’s the things you do that help; not the weight loss itself

I was pointed to this article at MSNBC by Fat & Not Afraid and had to share this quote from an interestingly pretty-balanced piece on HAES:

“Studies show that ‘even losing a little weight helps,’ but I think it’s the things you do that help—the physical activity and nutrition intervention, not the weight loss itself,”

The article itself adds its own level of medical hand-wringing about how some people might just go off and Eat the Entire World if given permission to not freakin’ yo-yo diet and there is certainly enough of that “using HAES resulted in healthier bodies but also most people Lost Weight Too!” which makes it smack a bit of reporting on the Newest Diet Craze.  But there are a few good gems in there; such as the above quote; which really give me more and more hope that the word IS getting out there.  Of course, it is taking a while but every little step counts.

Also?  I kinda want this on a bumper sticker to put on my car next to the one about chickens crossing the road.


7 thoughts on “It’s the things you do that help; not the weight loss itself

  1. And then, after word about how it is possible to be healthy EVEN WHILE FAT; we can poke this media-horse a few more times and get them to realize that now that we know size and health aren’t related; it is STILL no one’s business at ALL what level of health a person has. Ahhh…pipe dreams?

  2. Well, progress is still progress even if most of the world is lagging far, far behind us, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is.

    So even though they have grabbed ahold of the wrong end of the stick and are beating around the bush with it, I’ll take this as the teeny yet significant victory that it is. After all, the first few cracks in the armor are the most important ones. Without them, we don’t get the massive holes later on. This may be (and certainly is!) far from perfect, but this summer has seen several major news items on how behaviors are more important in health terms than a specific loss in weight.

    Of course, there will be major backlash and we need to be prepared for it, but as more people come to recognize that moving your body and eating a varied diet and not stressing about what size clothes you need to wear to cover your body are better for you in the longrun than wringing your hands over every fraction of a calorie you ingest, people can begin treating one another with more dignity.

    Obviously I’m eager to live in a world where nobody shames anyone for their weight OR their health anymore… but I’m pragmatic enough to accept even this as a positive sign of significance.

    • Twistie I’m inclined to find this as a positive step in a better direction as well and really hope for a mentality when people come to grips with the fact that no one else’s health is any of their business. Baby steps though…baby steps…

  3. I kind of want to make every reporter writing a story about obesity and health read Linda Bacon’s Health At Every Size first, then come back and write their article.

    I mean, it’s not rocket science? People who increase their activity and eat according to their body’s needs are going to see their overall health improve, regardless of any change in their body size.

    Slowly. Slowly we may make some progress.

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