Two dance events in one weekend! Whew!

I’ve just come out of a weekend filled with belly dancing and wanted to share a bit of pic/video love from the great events.

First, on Saturday, was the Worcester Bridgefest.  It was a small but very energetic crowd.  Bonus: we managed to get one of the few breaks in the rain for our dance set.  So, while I’m dancing in sneakers on wet and muddy terrain, at least I’m not drowning from above!  This is the newest group I’ve joined: Isis (with Eves there as well).  This number is Filli Neihardi by Corvus Corax.  I love it!

Just look at the awesome size-variety in this group!  I love it!! I have such a great time dancing with all of these wonderful people. 🙂

Yesterday, Sunday, this fatty packed up a bunch of costumes and energy to dance a recital in New Hampshire.  The crowd was smaller and more reserved but still full of smiles and very clap-happy after each dance.  So, a different vibe than Saturday but still a wonderful group of equally size, shape and age-diverse, women to dance with!

Red and Firey!

Red and Firey!

Here’s the fun and incredibly sassy skirt-centric number that I performed with this troupe’s instructor.  We have a blast and I always feel I can ham-it-up for this one!

The other fun one I got to really act-up for this time was done to a song called “Start Wearing Purple”.  It always cracks me up!

So, this is what I’ve been doing lately.  Now to practice non-stop for the Gothic number I’ll be performing for Raks Spooki in less than 2 weeks!  It’s a sword piece and I’m trying to whip up a simple Xena-esque costume for it so you’ll definitely be seeing that one here soon.

What is up with all of you peeps?  Keeping busy?  Settling in for some lovely winter (or summer!) crafts or hobbies?  What’s keeping your minds busy today?


5 thoughts on “Two dance events in one weekend! Whew!

  1. Hooray! Thanks for posting your dancing videos. I loved watching the patterns that the edging on the skirts made in the middle dance.

  2. I love that Gogol Bordello song! You look like you’re having a great time! Your costumes are fabulous! You are an inspiration! 🙂

    Me? Lately I’m trying to hold on as life whizzes on by. Whoosh! Not much time for fun but I am going places!

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