Raks Spooki 2011: Warrior’s Oath

When a warrior gives her oath to battle; what remains when the final battle has been waged?  That was the theme behind my most recent dance number: a sword piece set to a mix of music by Corvus Corax and Vas mixed with my voice speaking quotes from Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series.

Every time I performed this piece (even in practice) I would end near tears.  I think I very much connected with this warrior.  What is left after you’ve fought all your battles? As a commenter already pointed out on my video, “The nature of life is that there is never a final battle; only a continuing struggle. Keep your sword sharp and close at hand. We are entering dangerous times.”

I like that sentiment because it feeds directly into how I feel about my work here on my blog.  As HAES and Fat Positive thinking begins making dangerously large ripples in the world things ARE becoming more dangerous.  Previously held rock-solid notions are crumbling, which induces a sort of panic-laden fear that inspires people to lash out in masses against any who associate with those seeking to crumble said rocks.  Bit poetic for so early on Monday morning this is inspiring me, hence my urge to share it here.  I will endeavor to keep my “swords” of wit and dance well-sharpened.

What battles are you waging now?  What “swords” do  you have (or wish you had) in your arsenal?


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