Love Your Body: Start (or Continue) Today!

Big Fat Blog posted a great reminder bit that spurred my own small prod here today.  They’ve listed out a few of the goings-on as well so check them out!  Something I’d point out in addition to the great links listed there is Golda’s offering of a free PDF download (today only!) of her book: Stop Dieting Now.

In celebration of this day here is my suggestion to you: look in the mirror.  Center your gaze on your own eyes. Remind yourself “I am enough.  Just as I am.  I love my body, my self.”  Repeat this mantra as you shift your gaze from your own eyes to each part of your body, then to your reflection as a whole.  It might feel awkward.  It might feel silly.  But, you have to ask yourself, “Why?”  Why should it feel at ALL embarrassing to look upon ourselves and say, out loud, that we ARE amazing?  As is.  Without change.  Without apology. You ARE amazing.  Your body is amazing.  Your body (and you) are deserving of respect and love.  From others but also, and most importantly, from yourself.

So take today (or even a small part of today: an hour… a 5-minute break… 30 seconds) to reflect on this dangerous nugget of an idea: your body is beholden to no one.  It is yours.  To love.  To cherish.  To fuel and to live in.  Enjoy its strengths, respect its weaknesses, and never consider that it is something you need to change in order to feel it is deserving of your love.

Throwing Axes

Throwing Axes at a Renn Faire last year. Loving my body in action!


3 thoughts on “Love Your Body: Start (or Continue) Today!

  1. ““Why?” Why should it feel at ALL embarrassing to look upon ourselves and say, out loud, that we ARE amazing?”

    Wow, I had never thought of this before. Why does only hatred or disgust come out of my mind when I see myself? it is really odd to think this way. I know I’m not MEANT to think that way, but the idea of WHY kind of never occurred to me.

    I’m going to do this RIGHT NOW!

  2. I’m back to report. Yes, I know that was quick!

    First thought – wow, I really need to put on some makeup – not a good start!
    Second thought – That’s a nice skirt – not really relevant here sim!

    Third thought – I am enough, I am amazing. Ok, so I forced it in, but this was really enlightening. As soon as I had that thought I actually felt like the person in the mirror was not me. I don’t quite know how to process this. Is it so alien for me to say nice things about myself that my brain can’t cope?

    Thanks for making me think.

    • Sim thanks for not only trying it but really doing it and reporting back even! It IS odd that being nice to ourselves (especially vocally) can feel so alien and strange. My own thought is that the more often we push against this strangeness and pull the “be nice to/about yourself” moments to light; the better we will be able to do it over time as a natural thing.

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