In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious after a month’s silence: I’ll be on a bit of a (longer) hiatus here at Round Shape.  Life is going splendidly and I’m dancing, living, loving and all that good jazz.  I’ll be around, perhaps even commenting elsewhere in the sphere now and then, but  I’m taking an end-of-year break from ranting at all the various and sundry ways that humanity is set against fatness to recharge the mental batteries.  I feel I’ve said a lot here and might, after the new year, have more to say. I might not, and might just close the blog to new posts and leave what is here as a reference. Either way I know I’ve already done some good things here for my own mind and hope I’ve positively affected a few of you out there as well!

I hope everyone out there still keeping tabs or popping in is doing well!



5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Wishing you a fun-filled and/or productive hiatus with lots of dancing. If you come back, I look forward to reading you again. And on the chance that you don’t come back, I’m sending a pre-emptive “all good things” to you. Thank you for your writing.

  2. I’ve only recently discovered! Really enjoy what you write and I’ve passed on your blog address to others as you are an inspiration to self acceptance. Have a lovely break! : )

    • Thanks all! 🙂 I do think I’ll have plenty to write on after the holidays but relish this break to finish up a bunch of knitting projects intended as gifts and to recharge those ranty mental batteries! Happy End of Year Holidays y’all 😀

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