Giving the gift of kindness

I’m about to head off on a whirlwind awesome adventure of vacation, bit of travel, lots of reading and crafting and lots of friend/family seeing.  As I prep for that I thought I’d poke my hiatus with a refreshing end to the year of ranting….by showing a bit of kindness.  This:  was a rather brief but entirely charming tale of one woman’s small act of kindness in a situation that filled her (and would have filled me) with rage and sadness which could have gone in an entirely different (and potentially disastrous) direction.  Go read it….I’ll wait…

Okay, so, a bit touching, right? The blogger turned around an eavesdropping moment (of a rather depressing conversation) and made it into a sweet moment that not only made HER feel better but maybe, just maybe, made a tiny positive difference in the lives of the mother/daughter she was kind to. That is powerful stuff to me.

I’m not saying that there aren’t moments that can become teachable moments.  However, for those times when proselytizing the wonders of not hating bodies (your own and others) and not judging fatness as wrong, intrinsically linked to eating “poorly” and loads of other heavy content; this sort of small kindness has the potential to make that sort of bit-by-bit of progress that I try to nudge out into this world with every post here.

So with the holiday cheer (and glumness) all around in this final week of the calendar year try to be kind.  Not just to others to whom you might want to simply rant.  Be kind to YOURSELF. Those constant self-hating (or others-judging) comments?  Stop them.  For the week.  For a day.  For a minute.  Just be kind and maybe gift yourself a bit of forgiveness.  For body hatred, for stressing (about clothing, about upcoming potential “fat talks” with friends or family, about how to deal in situations with lots of crazy hang-ups about food), for worrying about fitting into a culture that just wants you to hate yourself in order to Be New & Improved, for worrying THAT you’re obsessing about these things in a way that’s even worse than your original worry, for everything: forgive yourself, move on, be kind.

Happy Winter Season of Celebrating all sorts of magical End-Of-Year things! For those of us taking note (and in the Northern Hemisphere), we’re now firmly on the side of Days Getting Longer Again!  Now there’s something to be thankful for!

Also I’m very thankful for finding and making my own version of a recipe with tofu for the very first time!  Adam and I both loved it.  It’s entirely vegetarian (and only 1/4 cup of cream away from Vegan) soup with mushrooms, swiss chard, celery and tofu.  The original recipe called for chicken and was also tasty but this was a lovely alteration of  that!  I’m very glad I have some of this leftover for lunch because now I’m craving it!


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