Mid-Week Music to Lift my Spirit

I spent today “enjoying” time at home while my digestion waged war with my menstrual cycle over who would reign supreme over my lower body.  I’m still not sure what’s “winning”…

With THAT lovely image in mind, I did find some comfort today as I was browsing the Internet between costume designing, laundry washing and watching some channel’s marathon of self-purported “Movies That Don’t Suck”.

One bit of fun was this little stop-motion animation of books doing the jig to a song that I’ve recently danced in a huge skirt:

The same folks also did a bit longer and more elaborate animation that was cute as well. Then, I found myself falling into… not so much a “melancholy” so much as a mood wherein I really appreciate a good somber bit of video set to a good swelling of emotional music.  It led me to this fantastic piece with a Cello, a Piano, and a Drum that really makes me want to be the sort who creates emotional videos with scenes from a show because I think it would PERFECTLY work with a series of scenes taken from the Dr. Who universe:

I liked it so much I found the song on Amazon so I could purchase the mp3!  Not only is that music beautiful to me, it is a very creative embellishment on classical works; a taking of something “original” and “classic” to make it one’s own; to give it a new and broader life. The height of creativity to my thoughts today.

In a more FA-related finding I came across this fake advertisement for a new beauty product called “Fotoshop by Adobé”:

It is, for the most part, a rather clever put-together of many of the ideas that many have already discovered about today’s media images: that they are all creations manipulated from reality in such a way that no one can actually approach the goals of “beauty” they uphold.  My slight “beef” with it is a line about “why eat right or exercise when you can just LOOK like you do” for the, hopefully obvious reason (among others) that it fully endorses the conflation of visual appearance with internal health. Otherwise it is at least a bit encouraging to me to see something of this nature making the usual Facebook rounds.  There is room for improvement but I still hold out hope!

Thought that in 2012 I might give readers a taste of some small measure of what else makes April D “tick”.  This is today’s “entry”.  What’s making YOU tick on this early January day?


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Music to Lift my Spirit

  1. I too would be angered by the conflation of outward appearance with health. I have some reservations about the whole ‘eat right & exercise’ prescription, because even though I have exercised all my life & usually eat a nutritionally well-balanced diet, the fact is that our bodies belong to us & no one has a right to tell others how to live, & no one is guaranteed long life or perfect health even if one DOES do all the ‘right’ things. And I am very tired of a culture which assumes that thin people are always healthy, despite the fact that those who are thin enough to be presented as icons in our culture have the HIGHEST overall mortality rate of any group.

    I don’t watch much tv, but have recently been watching a couple of mystery/medical investigation type programs because I love mysteries & I have decided that I had better go back to my first love, the written mystery…no gory scenes to cover my eyes for, no images of bone-thin woman being shown as the ONLY viable body type, etc. Last night was the last straw for me. I was watching “Bones”, which has some good, tense story lines if quite a few eye-covering moments. “Bones” & her FBI partner went to interview the mother of an incredibly evil, psychotic serial killer. The woman turned out to be very fat..I only lasted a moment, so my best guess is probably over 300 pounds. Dr. Brennan walked into the room & saw this strange woman, whom she had never met before, & before asking any of the questions one might assume about what she could tell them about her son, launched into a lecture about how “you HAVE to lose some weight. ‘Obesity’ CAUSES heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer..” which was as far as I got before I clicked off the tv with the promise to myself never to watch that show again. In the first place, this other woman’s body was none of her business. In the second place, she is a PHD, a physical anthropologist who examines bones & tries to identify people & say how they died, NOT a medical doctor. In the third place, everything she said was not only gratuitous & unsolicited, but entirely wrong.

    So, yes, it is safe to say that I am fed up with the conflation of thinness with health & also with people on tv, even fictional characters, not just giving ‘health’ advice but constantly perptuating myths & giving misinformation. I am glad that you found some entertainment that you most enjoyed, though.

    BTW, I have been at this fat activism thing for 32 years now, so sometimes my patience with willful stupidity is very short.

    • Patsy I’ve only been at this a fraction of the time you have and already find myself so impatient with the rampant fat hatred and judgements from others that I applaud your level of calm still!! I don’t blame you for turning aside the Bones episode. At that point you have to wonder if a writer on the show just has some gratuitous grudge against fatties. Really, does every plot that dares show anyone fat NEED to have the disclaimer so visibly shown that “Don’t worry; we at the studio don’t believe Fatties have a right to exist without constant fat-shaming judgements heaped on them! See? Look at all this guilt-ridden shame we’re heaping on an actor/actress who doesn’t fit our society’s measure of thin! Don’t write in to say we’re perpetuating obesity by having a fat actor on the show…we’ve proven we hate them enough, right?”


      Better luck with the written mysteries! I’m finding much of the same in many books now though. Perhaps it is just that I notice it more (that’s certainly part of it) but it definitely feels that things are very distinctly in the Hate-On-Fatties or FA-Propaganda-Esque (meaning almost screaming the fat acceptance stuff. Not BAD to read compared to the alternative but certainly not just a “and this character is fat, without judgements or need for explanation” that I keep hoping to come across) camps for books lately. I’m hoping I’m wrong and just reading a few exemplars of this trend all at once and not really touching upon a growing market trend!

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