Renn Garb for up to a 5X !!

Okay, I know that most folks probably realize by now that I’m a huge Renn-Faire geek.  Love to go and dress up and prance around.  However, usually I end up making my own outfits unless I’m REALLY lucky and find a vendor willing to offer a size above “S-M-L-XL” (and only XL if you’re already lucky). Once found, though, such larger sizes usually cost a bundle. So, either you suffer in hand-made (well, suffer if you aren’t really into being careful about sewing and make many mistakes as I do) garb; or you HOPE for overpriced stuff that MIGHT fit… if you let out non-existent seams or squeeze the right bits enough.  Well,

Thanks to a friend on Facebook though I’ve stumbled into a site that I just MUST spread around and share for any other like-minded folks:  HolyClothing.  Just in browsing through the dresses I’ve already found things that I’m longing to buy and wear.  The selection ranges from size S – 7X.  However, I did notice that the selection really only stays great (at least for dresses) up through 5X.  There is only one item for 6X on the site and nothing listed (yet?) for 7x (though the category for that does exist so perhaps that is coming in the future?). Still I was excited to see a place willing to serve all size groups through a larger than usual range.  There seems to be a slight increase in price when you hop from L to 4X ($5 where I could note the change).

One other fun thing?  There are sun dresses listed as well.  Bit “medieval” in theme but rather nice, flowy, some arm-baring, and all right up my alley.  Might be some summer dresses in my future!

Here are some pieces really striking my personal fancy:

Riona Bustier Corset Empire Peasant Boho Sun Dress ($50)

Kayla Renaissance Princess Bohemian Sun Dress ($45)

Arwen Square Neck Renaissance Medieval Princess Gown Dress  ($65)

I’m not having luck snagging pics to show off here and link back there but take a peek; it’s worth the look!

Happy Snowy Saturday (for those of us getting or digging out of snow)


12 thoughts on “Renn Garb for up to a 5X !!

  1. AH! Thank you so much for this. I’m definitely swaying into a more romantic, boho look and the clothes look divine and the price looks right (as well as the sizes!). Just picked up the Ena dress…. Yay! (Coupon code 3891 for a small discount.)

  2. I’ve been a Holy Clothing fan for a long time. They make my Sunday church dresses, and whenever I sing a solo, I’m wearing one of their frocks. Last Sunday I was wearing the Belladonna in pink, and no less than three people came up to me after the service and said, “I WANT THAT DRESS…”

    I haven’t seen too many smalls on their site, but I direct everyone there…except this one woman who was barely five feet tall and probably tipped the scales at 100 pounds. I said as politely as I could that there probably wouldn’t be anything to fit her, but she only grinned and said, “Oh, I know..! It’s for my daughter, not me. She’s built like you!” 🙂 I said, “Well, if she’s half as proud of her form as I am, she’s in a great place.”

    • Yorkie that sounds awesome! (Both the singing dress and the convo with an admirer!) I can’t wait to pick one of these awesome things and get it on!!! Wish I had found the site in time to order and get a dress for this coming weekend’s local Renn event. Still, look forward to having something awesome at some point to wear and review!

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