Not letting fat define you: doing what you want. Today’s example: Soldering

I’m a firm believer in the idea that you should never wait until your body conforms to some imagined shape/size/look limit before allowing yourself to do or be something amazing that you’ve always wished to do or be.  It is with this in mind that I write about the awesome adventure my hubby and I are currently undertaking.

We’re building a robot.

That’s right.  Freaking robotics.  We’re talking, circuitry, wires, mechanical parts, motors and a long-term end-goal of a smaller but functional version of Dr. Who’s K-9 unit. So far Adam D and I have put together a small kit with wheels and a base and managed to get all 4 wheels to spin, in the same direction!  (I fondly dubbed it “Flat-bot” because it is, thus far, a rather flat square chassis with wheels and one LED)

Yesterday we took out a kit to teach ourselves to solder.  Because many of the kits we got ourselves (using our pooled monies from the fairly recent holiday season) to make this eventual end-product require lots of small-wire soldering.  So, we soldered.  Like excited beginner pros!  It was fun.  It was a learning process.  It was something I’ve never though I would sit down and do.  Not necessarily because my body wasn’t the right size but perhaps because it wasn’t the right gender or some related fear that I wasn’t smart enough to take on the field of freaking robotics.  Yet, here I am.  Working on a robot.  Learning to solder and wire circuits to light up LEDs and spin wheel motors.


Very intensely concentrating while trying to look through safetly googles that fit rather poorly over glasses. Next item of business? Prescription safety goggles!!


9 thoughts on “Not letting fat define you: doing what you want. Today’s example: Soldering

  1. Awesome! I want pictures of robots! And when you make that K-9? You will officially be my new geek heroes.

    I’ve recently decided to try my hand at a couple new things. Right now a beginner’s needlefelting kit and a book on naalbinding are winging their ways to my door so I can learn some new craft techniques.

    Learning new things is always good. It keeps the mind flexible and the heart eager. Who wouldn’t want that?

    • Twistie I’ll admit I had to look up the Naabinding. Sounds awesomely fun (along with needlefelting of course!). I can’t wait to have more pics of the robot as we go along. If I can get ahold of the camera tonight I’ll try to snap a quick video of Flat-Bot’s wheels in action 😉

  2. I too had to look up Naabinding. This past year I’ve learned dalle de verre and how to make glass beads. I also finished my first historical reproduction doll (well, nearly finished) and took a sewing class.

    April, if your hand gets sore soldering, try switching to an overhand grip, it’s weird at first, but ultimately easier on the hand.

    • Kate I had to look up dalle de verre too and that is another wicked fun sounding craft! Also, thanks for the grip suggestion for the soldering. Mostly we’ll be doing one a few wires at a time but I’ll try out an overhand grip too! 🙂

  3. Hi. I just stumbled across your blog after searching for soldering equipment. How did the robot building go??? Do you have a post on it? I can’t seem to find one on your site 😦 Anyway i hope it went well.

    Erin (fellow robot builder hehe) 🙂

    • Robot building is still a work in progress but we’re having fun! 😀 We got Flat Bot’s tires to all move in the same direction and worked on a soldering How-To kit so far!! Right now the bot is tucked away for the summer but once it gets cooler again I look forward to more work on it 😀 Thanks for asking!

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