I Stand: for Loving all Bodies.

What a great thing to come home to after a long day waiting for my wonderful Adam D to get out of gallbladder-removal surgery (he’s doing well and recovering at home now!).

I stand for loving your body. Any body. All bodies. Mine. Yours. All of ours.  Using shame, bullying and hatred to inspire health is the furthest thing from healthy.  It is destructive, cruel and intentionally hurtful to the very thing such behaviors are purported to correct: health.  Stop the bullying.  All bodies deserve love and respect.

As my poster declares: I Stand for breaking the cycle of shame and hatred.  Body Love has NO limits.  Stop weight bigotry.

To see a Tumblr of these amazing posters go to I Stand Against Weight Bullying.  The submissions are so diverse and empowering.  So many voices crying out for a halt to hatred.  It is truly inspiring and hopeful and beautiful.

What do you Stand for?  (Or Sit for?  Or Pump Your Fist for?  Or Cry Out For?)


6 thoughts on “I Stand: for Loving all Bodies.

  1. First, I send warm wishes to Adam on a rapid recovery from surgery. I am glad that it went well.

    Second, I am very glad that I checked in here now, I needed what you posted & especially that glowingly lovely photo of you. In the next room, my husband is watching one of those damn “weight loss surgery saved my life’ shows on Discovery Health, eating up every word of it, believing all the lies about fat & health, about how this butchery saves lives, with people who are either very lucky or else denying what they are experiencing talking about how wonderful their lives are now, etc. The person having this surgery in this particular program supposedly weighed 850 pounds going in, so we are all supposed to say, “OH, my God! This is awful! She has no choice, she would die without this surgery!” They are showing this woman’s daughter, who is only about 12-13, talking about how she ‘saved’ herself by losing 30 pounds. I am being forced to listen to this against my will, much as I am trying to blank it out. So I came here to check for new posts, for some joyous fat positivity, because this propaganda is everywhere & so many people believe it is the gospel truth. I am very thankful for you, April, & everyone here in this community, for the sanity I find here which is so missing in mainstream society, the sanity that no one who profits from fat hatred wants us to have. We ALL need to stand, for ourselves, for each other, for all the children out there being convinced that being fat is the worst thing in the whole world.

    • Patsy thanks so much for the warm wishes for Adam. I know he’s feeling the vibes from folks and they’re helping to speed along his healing 🙂

      I am very sorry that you are in a situation where you’re having to overhear the sorts of fat-shaming/bashing that is so ugly and hurtful and prevalent. That someone you love is nodding along with it pains doubly. You have my sympathies and support. You are amazing and have always been a wonderfully astute commenter and I hate to think that you’re even momentarily surrounded by this negative environment. I send strength to you and all those who are or have been in similar situations. I, too, am so thankful for the many amazing people here and on the sphere and elsewhere who continue to encourage love over hate, understanding over stigma, and respect over disdain. Without these voices of sanity glimmering in the cesspool of viciously hateful body cultures around us, the world would be a much darker place!! Fat is NOT the worst thing in the world. Neither is having it on your body. The day we manage to wake up, as a world, and realize this and STOP pushing from even pre-birth these ideas of hatred and self-loathing will be a glorious day indeed.

    • Cindi: thanks! And it IS homemade. A dance bra with cowrie shells and a fun fabric; hair flower clips, and a 3-yard length of light orange chiffon with a lovely Sari-esque border. Not hard to make really 😀

  2. Here’s wishing Adam a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. A good friend of ours had emergency gall bladder surgery a few years ago, and she’s doing great now. May Adam find the same.

    As others have said, I love, love, LOVE your poster! You look fabulous in that outfit, the make up, and your thousand watt smile.

    So what do I stand for? Creativity, respect, joy, compassion, and belly laughs. Oh, and delicious food. And rubber duckies. It’s difficult not to smile in the presence of rubber duckies.

    • Twistie I love what you stand for and I heart rubber duckies! ^.^ You’re right. They are impossible to see and not at least grin. Adam appreciates all the well-wishes. He’s healing up and resting 🙂

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