Arwen Renn Gown in action!

Okay so a few weeks ago I posted about the site Holy Clothing with their rather impressive size-ranges in well-priced lovely Renn-Faire-esque gowns and other sundry fun garb.  I finally got around to having Adam D take some picks of me in this dress and wanted to share the awesome!

Deep Red Arwen Square Neck DressNow I’m looking into saving for a summer dress because this gown is just so comfortable, flattering and lovely.  When I put it on Adam D’s eyes lit up and he said, “Oooo I LIKE that”. When I posted the image on Facebook many friends declared that the dress gave them “sleeve envy”.

For sizing the measurements given in the charts are spot-on.  I recommend taking measurements and going with those for the perfect fit. The fabric is a soft, light, breathable material with lots of beautiful gradients which give it depth and make it almost appear to be crushed velvet in appearance (though it is not velvet at all). The crafting is well done and not at all the sort of shabby quality I was fearfully expecting for the low price.  I expected something along the lines of the paltry Plus-Size Costume in quality but was so happy to realize that this was much more like what I’d wished for in a purchased outfit for a Renn Faire (or even a fancy outing). Huzzah for getting something amazing without having to MAKE it yourself if you happen to be over a size “Large”!!!

Purchasing from Holy Clothing was simple and shipping was even a tad faster than the estimate given.

I did not receive any remuneration for this promotion-esque post but did want to share my lovely experience with the clothing and company and highly recommend them if you’re looking for a place to get a well-made, not outrageously-priced, high-quality item for your next medieval event or other gathering.  Their sun dresses look rather fun for everyday wear and might be my next purchase!!

Happy Day of Love all!


9 thoughts on “Arwen Renn Gown in action!

  1. I’ve been waffling about buying from Holy Clothing, and I think this post about your personal experience with them just tipped the scales. Next time I have a bit of money to spare, I’m going to go for it! 🙂

  2. Coming out of lurkerdom to say that you look gorgeous in that dress!

    I also wanted to second your recommendation of Holy Clothing for lovely, reasonably priced dresses. I have three HC dresses, two that are from their 2008 line and one from last October. The newest one is Belladonna in lavender blue. I actually bought it for Halloween, as I could wear it to work (I’m a pharmacist, so I couldn’t go too crazy dressing up), but I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it for a special occasion. I run around 26-28W, and find that their 4X fits me pretty much perfectly.

  3. This is a beautiful dress and you look fantastic in it!

    I am inspired… my garb is an old crinkly skirt and a gauze shirt with my corset, but this is so pretty 🙂

    I hope you get to wear it out soon and have lots of fun!

  4. Oh, that’s a beautiful dress and it really flatters you. You look wonderful. I am definitely going to check out their clothing.

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