Great passage from a book about a fat character

I’m currently reading the book “Heft” by Liz Moore.  I’m nearly finished but before I have to return the book I had to jot down this rather touching and beautiful moment from a book full of them.

I *MAY* be particularly partial to it due to the character’s name but mostly I love the inclusion of a fat character who ISN’T hated by everyone on sight, particularly the main character.  It is refreshing in a book with one 500 lb main character and one small teen boy character.

I’m only about 50 pages from the end and despite this being a book I worried about from the start (worried that it would be all about trying to slim the 500 lb man or otherwise berate him) it has been a touchingly honest portrayal of two vastly different and troubled lives that I have really enjoyed reading.

Hey April*, I say.

She waves at me without turning. She’s nothing like Trevor. She’s very smart and has long hair all the way down to her butt and she wears glasses every day and reads all the time and is even reading now at the island. She’s very fat which I think Trevor and his entire family are embarrassed of. She’s more than plump. Her body swallows the stool she’s sitting on. Mrs. Cohen looks at her daughter from head to foot sometimes, I’ve noticed it, as if she is wishing to be able to do something about her, about her fatness. To do something about it the way you would do something about a leaky faucet. It is something I don’t like about Mrs. Cohen.

*Love the name choice!  I’ve rarely come across my own name in a book I’ve read and NEVER as a fat, LIKEABLE character! Yay!


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