Beautiful Reminder: Why I do this

I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted; and longer since content of real depth.  Life has been cruising along nicely though.  It was today, though, that I’ve gotten a quick reminder of just why I DO enjoy writing here.  Someone indicated they were linked and found my blog and told me that reading it made them happy.  To think that a post of mine could have brightened someone’s day, in a world of such rampant doom, gloom, negativity, and projected self-hatred was really a rather meaningful moment.

A lot has been going on in the Fat-o-Sphere and in my own life.


  • Big Liberty takes on some common refusals to believe that 95% of dieters will fail and regain weight.  The comments are a nice filling out of the discussion. For other 101-style topics check out her newly moved Truth Behind Fat references page. It’s rather well-rounded and a great place to start gathering verbal weapons for any mild to intensive Fat Acceptance “arsenal” you might wish to have at your disposal!
  • Regan over at Dances with Fat has gotten an amazing venture off the ground and billboards are going up in George to counter the very negative Strong4Life campaign which has been plastered down there.
  • There has been a LOT of kerfuffle over mis-steps made in the sphere as well.  White privilege, white silence, cultural blinders and downright racisms were brought to light, discussed, examined and, for me, have really highlighted the many ways that there is still a LONG way to go before these many movements that intersect for social awareness actually combine forces well and effectively. I’ve been watching and reading and listening and have learned that I have, I’m sure, made my own mistakes and will strive to, as Regan herself put it, “be a better activist” both here and in all the many spheres in which I interact.

On to Life:

  • Was working hard with Adam D to buy a house but so far we’ve gotten into two failed bidding wars so we’re taking a brief pause on that.
  • Have a lot of fun dance events coming up that I’m working on pretty hard.  Candle dance, sword dance, tribal awesomeness with amazing women, all great, intense and yet mentally centering work that I love doing.
  • Was really working hard on finding a new job but after two great interviews and even one decent job offer, I’ve realized what some of the more important and meaningful bits of my life are and have shifted my priorities a bit.  So, if nothing else, the process has honed my interview skills a bit and also helped me find some calm in my day-to-day life, taking away a pressing stress I didn’t even fully realize was there.
  • I’ve started following the recipe blog Movita Beaucoup and have been longing to try this cookie recipe that I might take on this weekend!
  • I’ve got quite a few crafts in the making and need to settle into finishing a bunch of them!

How are you all my Round-Shape readers?  Crafts in the making? Cleaning of the Spring (or Autumn) variety nagging at your heels? Restful moments recharging your spirits?  What’s making you tick right now and making a bright spot in YOUR day/week/month/year/life?



6 thoughts on “Beautiful Reminder: Why I do this

  1. We’re having a baby in August! So spring cleaning is corresponding with nesting and napping. I’ve also been reading about parenting philosophies which dovetail nicely with Health at Every Size and Self Acceptance, which has led me to read about Attachment Parenting and Baby Led Weaning.

    • Congrats Sara A!! I imagine the nesting and cleaning are also dovetailing nicely 😉 Happy reading! I’ll have to look into what Baby Led Weaning is but from the name it already sounds like a great start to intuitive eating!

      • Thanks, April! I was reading about it and it was like a light bulb went off and I wondered what it would be like if we’d never learned to circumvent our body’s natural signals. It just about blew my mind.

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