Mischief: A Dance with Candles and Diversely Sized Bodies

So this past weekend I had the awesome pleasure of being one member of the last group to perform at the fabulous NEFFA event (New England Folk Festival Association). For one choreography I was even the “leader” to guide the number. The audience was pretty full and despite a few glitches in timing from the folks in charge of lights and music we all had a blast and pulled it all together like the stupendous group of dancers we all are 🙂

The only downside?  Dancing those 20 minutes with a nice sliver of some glass costume bead that must have broken earlier in the day on the stage lodged in the ball of my left foot.  Still, the show must go on, right? With a bandage and a lucky wet wipe find infection was prevented and until I got home and Adam D did his Eagle Scout thing and totally took care of my minor wound.

Bonus of the day?  Adam D and I got to sit in on a class to learn to play the Dulcimer together with extra instruments that the instructor provided. It was a laughable hour but so much fun.

This is my “Move IT!” activity of late, along with some nice lunch-time walks in the lovely weather. So, what have you all been doing lately?  Fun crafts? New activities?


2 thoughts on “Mischief: A Dance with Candles and Diversely Sized Bodies

  1. What cool stuff you’re doing!

    Most of my fun has been less physically active of late, but I’m having a blast exploring needle felting. Oh, and I got an ice cream maker. So far I’ve made peppermint and lemon/white chocolate chip. I think I’ve figured out how to make a batch of apple pie a la mode, too. Heh, heh.

    • Twistie I totally saw and saved your post on that ice cream maker; the recipes are a must have! I hope you’re post pictures too of the finished products 😀 Yum!!

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