Dancing again! Candle Duet

The summer is winding up and dancing is going strong. SCA (Society for Creative Anacronism) Haflas are all over the place and Renn Faires are getting into full swing!

I went to a faire last weekend and got to wear this amazing dress from Holy Clothing.  Also bought a new and rather dashing hat to save my head from the sun. Worked like a charm.

I danced at a Hafla in CT this weekend. Managed to finally find and buy a beautiful and colorful dance cover-up with snaps up the front for easy exit before a performance and that was awesome!

The video below is of my “candle” dance duet.  The fun glowing effect of the broken glow sticks inside each “jar” (which is what I am doing in the image above) is lost with the rather sunny room but it was still a fun performance!

How are your summers (winters?) shaping up?


2 thoughts on “Dancing again! Candle Duet

  1. I love your dance videos so much! Thank you for sharing them 🙂 You look fabulous and that coverup is made of the happiest colors!

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