Awesome Olympians

I’m probably behind the ball by a lot on this but in case you haven’t seen it and still happen to be checking this lagging blog beastie for good news tidbits: check out Holley Mangold and her response to Conan’s rather crude and rude comments about this amazing weightlifter.

This woman is confident, amazing, strong, fat and completely fabulous.  One of her quotes that I loved:

“My parents just always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be,” she says, “and, silly me, I believed them.”

Swoon!  So read up if you need an uplifting moment for body positivity this week as the Olympics get under way!


5 thoughts on “Awesome Olympians

  1. I had to laugh at the fool who said fat people only get married to other fat people or people with fat fetishes. Apparently he doesn’t get out of his house much.

    • I know, right? Actually it’s a bit frightening how much people delude themselves, trying to completely erase the existence of fatties from their world by declaring they don’t SEE such and such (marriages with fat and thin folks without fat fetishes).

  2. This made me very sad. It’s annoying the other Olympians are getting nothing but love and Holley has to put up with nasty comments like this from those who are supposed to be rooting for her.

    On the positive side, how is this girl so mature and gracious at only 22 years old? When I was that age I would have locked myself away in my basement for a decade if somebody had said something like that about me to a national audience!

    Really Conan, you are well over twice this girl’s age. Why is she the mature one in all of this?

  3. My husband is turning 69 this month & I heard him yell “bullshit!” last night when they were talking about Holley & saying that she is in the best shape of her life, because, you know, apparently fat people cannot be in good shape or be athletes, & how does he think she made it to the Olympics if she is not working out in & great shape? He was sputtering about ‘350 pounds’ because he believes everything he hears or reads in the media about fat people, health, fitness, despite the fact that he is somewhat fat himself & walks miles most every day & did hard physical work for years, that he has lived for over 40 years in the same house with a woman who exercises every day & has gone through years of compulsive exercise, 4 hours per day, for 4 years at a time, none of which made me thin. He is unfortunately one of those people who allow others to think for them, he has a great herd mentality, he lives for tv & believes whatever they say on there (unless they are telling him that a 350-pound woman can be a fit athlete), & he is very talented at adding 2+2 & getting 5. I have wasted my breath many times arguing with him, trying to convince him how much we are lied to about fat, health, fitness, & I might has well bang my head against a brick wall, so I just said, “She works out hours every day, she can lift hundreds of pounds, & she is in the Olympics.”

    Anyway, one need not be young to be immature or narrow-minded & I can see in my own home the kind of attitudes Holley & others like here come up against every day. I pretty much only hear this crap at home myself, since I don’t usually encounter it on the streets in Bangor, but I know, as an abuse survivor, how hard it is to deal every day with being told that you are worthless, ugly, that you cannot do anything right, that no one can or will love you, that you are an eyesore & should hide away, etc. I send all my best to Holley & all our fat athletes, of which there are quite a few…a fact which someone who watches sports as much as John does should have figured out by now. I guess it doesn’t freak him out as much to see fat male weight lifters, shot putters, wrestlers, football players, etc., but he seems to take it as a personal insult to see a fat woman on tv.

    • Patsy I’m truly sorry you have to live around such a personality filled with fat shaming rhetoric! It is a hard shell to break around someone’s beliefs that fat is inherently wrong but especially wrong in women. Some people don’t WANT to believe otherwise. Even if the entire world came out tomorrow with concrete scientific PROOF (which, as we know, never happens in either direction but still) that fat was not BAD; people would refuse to change firmly set beliefs to accept it.

      I like your simple response to John’s sputtering disbelief in Holly’s fitness. Dude, she’s in the OLYMPICS for crying out loud!

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