Finally Finished: Ode to the Picard Maneuver

This video is something I’ve been working toward for over a year I think.  It has taken a long time, in very small doses of work, to get this done.  So, to promote working hard and long towards fun goals I now present for your viewing pleasure an “Ode to the Picard Maneuver”: a compilation video of every time Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise (the Next Generation) tugs his uniform shirt.  Prepare to giggle and enjoy! Anyone else have fun projects to share?


8 thoughts on “Finally Finished: Ode to the Picard Maneuver

  1. That was fun! I vacillated between thinking, wow those uniform must be really uncomfortable to wear and feeling emotionally uncomfortable when I recognized certain episodes where Picard does it because he’s having to deal with an emotional situation or emotional discomfort.

    • Sarah I think a lot of it was the new uniform (this tug move doesn’t happen in season 1 before this new version of the uniform) but that the actor began to use that signature move as an aspect of his character, lending it an emotional bent by using it as he did. Pretty cool on his part! 😉

  2. That was awesome. I love that they had deaged!Picard do it, and I LoL’ed at Riker’s solo. It was kind of fascinating how Patrick Stewart used the exact same sequence of motions again and again. Riker’s was a little different; most of his were like a twist-and-tug.

    And OMG, the clothes on the non-Starfleet guest characters… Great nostalgia hit.

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