Disney Disappoints Again: Leave our Fatty Villains Alone!

I know that I likely shouldn’t be surprised that Disney has managed to disappoint me yet again.

There are so many ways that they continue to support the girl-only-as-worthy-as-her-man crap. This is all in addition to the many other ways that Disney is known to be pretty awful in their lack of support for creative, intelligent, non-man-hunting women.

Brave is different but then, you’ll notice, they didn’t come up with that idea.  Perhaps buying Pixar was one of the best things they could have done. I’d love it if future films continued in the vein of Brave, supporting heroic, intelligent and independent girls and women.  Maybe in the future of movies there will even be a fat heorine for once!  A girl can dream, right?

Even the few fat characters that Disney has are conspicuously absent from their merchandise. I still can’t find or get them to want to sell merchandise which highlights the awesome fat fairy tinker: Fairy Mary. Can’t the fat characters get some love?  I mean, Fairy Mary is the freaking lead Tinker Fairy for crying out loud!

So I was immediately intrigued when I noticed that there was a new collection of dolls that Disney was promoting: Villains!  Ursula!!!  Fat, evil, amazing, octopus, Ursula from The Little Mermaid!  Oh man if I could get something like that, buying online would be so fun!

I had high hopes but thought I was being cautiously hopefully instead of idealistically unrealistic.  Turns out, I have to admit that I still was shocked and saddened when I saw the dolls in the “Disney Villain Designer Collection” and realized that while they DO have the awesome Ursula from The Little Mermaid….they made that giant, fat, amazing character…into a waif-like representation not at all like the original.

I mean, seriously????  Come ON.  So, what are they saying?  That you can’t be “Designer” without being straight-sized-model thin and posed in a seductive manner? Freaking….I mean, aside from light purple skin you tell ME how this even remotely resembles the original fat, octopussy character (While loooking for pics, I realize that Jezebel also points out this unfortunate change):

Even the Queen of Hearts is reduced to the same, boring, nearly duck-faced, pouty, seductress posed and super-thin sized body doll.  *sigh*

It’s sad when the biggest thing ON these dolls, who are supposed to be glam-styled representations of evil villains of various sizes and shapes but nearly equivalent levels of malevolence; is their poofy skirt.

It’s bad enough that us fatties have only ever had villains in our body size but for Disney to erase even that has given me a huge sad, as an LOLCat might say.


10 thoughts on “Disney Disappoints Again: Leave our Fatty Villains Alone!

    • I’m not even sure if it saves money for them unless they are literally using the exact same molds for ALL of the dolls. But just think how much they’d make with a classy ORIGINAL shaped/sized Ursula (or Red Queen) for sale!

  1. I am with you, sister. I have loved Disney cartoons & Disney characters for years, but now they are seriously pissing me off, spreading fat hat at every opportunity, being heavily involved in the plot to wipe out fat kids, etc. Enough is enough.

    • Patsy I too find myself at odds with Disney often because I DO enjoy the cartoons and most characters but yes the fat-hate-spreading is making for a seriously frustrated feeling here.

  2. Man! That Ursula looks like Cruella DeVille took a bath in lavender dye. You’d never know who it’s supposed to be from a casual glance. And the Queen of Hearts looks like Barbie at the costume ball. What the hooey???

    • Twistie, thanks! I couldn’t think of who she reminded me of. Totally has a Cruella Deville look to her. I mean, I understand that they might have wanted to keep away from the tentacles and make them all human dolls but why couldn’t Ursula have her own beautifully zaftig doll body?

    • Mike I find that unlikely as they’re already charging $80 a doll. The cost of a rounder body for the few fat villains would not have broken the bank on dolls intended to sell for $80.

  3. Hi! When I saw this article I just wanted to comment on how disappointed Fairy Mary wasn’t part of the franchise, too – she’s always been my favorite character, and I especially liked the short after Secret of the Wings where she stuns everybody with her awesome ice-skating! 🙂

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