My Season

Last night at my part-time gig fielding reference questions at a public library a young child saw my name tag and exclaimed “Your name is a SEASON!”  I smiled and kindly corrected, “Close, it’s a month though!”  We both smiled and nodded and they went off on their way.

Still, things have been going rather well Chez April D so perhaps it IS my “season”.

New hair cut!  I feel like a wintery woodland nymph!

New hair cut! I feel like a wintery woodland nymph!

At my annual obgyn appointment yesterday, while saddened to not have my old doctor who scaled back her practice in order to spend more time with family, I did have a fine exam by another professional at the same facility with no problems.  Not only did weight never come up in my brief time with the doctor, I had perhaps the easiest time of all refusing to get on the scale for the pre-appointment check-in portion of the appointment.  When the nurse was fitting me with a blood pressure cuff she was laying out the steps we’d be taking next.  After “then I’ll get your weight and height and we’ll get you settled into the room” I paused, starting to get worried and finally blurted out “Actually, I don’t do scales”.  The response was a fabulous, “Ok.  That’s fine”.  Simple.  Easy.  Professional.  Talk about a happy moment!  And perhaps this number not being front and foremost on the pages of info the doctor read led to HER not bringing up the subject either.  (While my old doctor was great about keeping the appointment to things *I* actually brought up as concerns, I certainly HAVE been in situations where that WASN’T the case, when the doctor had her fingers all up in that “I’m feeling your ovaries from the INSIDE” position and ranted on at me about the horrors of being fat and, basically, ME.)

So, there’s that.  A good, quick, (healthy report on basic vitals and bits for those interested) doctor’s visit as a “morbidly obese” woman.

I made it through a rather icy storm on Monday and hear that we have another similar chance of icy ick for tomorrow.  Blech!

The ice I chipped off my car on Monday.

The ice I chipped off my car on Monday.

I’ve started posting on my blog again after a few month hiatus so that’s also fun.  *waves to the few stalwart readers still popping in or dropping by the front page after finding one of my few crochet patterns*

I’ve been crafting up a bit and finding that I’ve come more strongly to terms with what is important to me in my own life in regards to time-spent and energies expended for the person I’m crafting for.  I’ve also created and sent off my first ever commissioned piece and definitely realized that crafting for monies or *hah* Profit, is not for me.  I’m more a “knit it for the love of it” sort of Witty Knitter/Crocheter!

Wee Peacock is asking you...What?

Wee Peacock is asking you…What?

That’s the update from this lovely fat chick.  What’s going on in your neck of the “woods”?  Is it YOUR season as well?  Are are you still in the winter of another’s season, waiting for yours to finally come around?


One thought on “My Season

  1. Sorry to see you go Thanks for sharing. Good luck and god bless you, Remember Its whats on the inside that counts, love all the little humming birds you shared.

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