Officially Closing The Round Shape

In the case it wasn’t already rather blatantly obvious to all but those handful of rather determined readers hoping otherwise; I have been seriously neglecting the blog here. It is long overdue to be said but: Round Shape has come to the end of its long and, to me and hopefully at least a few others HELPFUL, run.

I feel like I’ve had a REALLY great time here in saying my piece.  I have asked many questions, raised many salient points and posted much on my own life as a fat woman.  I’ve reached the point, however, where the time, energy (and anger) I need to craft the witty and thoughtful sorts of posts that I enjoy placing here is more than I have to give to this venture; especially when I’ve come to feel that it is simply making the SAME point over and over again, mostly preaching to the choir.

Some great blogs to read that I follow for news and empowerment in the field of discussions on fatness, as well as feminism, racism, sexuality, intersectionality, and more:

If I ever create more little crochet-creatures you can find them on  The posts here will stay up as an archive of the many great things done here at RoundShape over the years (wow, yes, YEARS) that I AM in Shape, ROUND is a Shape, has been up and running.

As for me?  I plan to keep dancing (the spring schedule is already filling up!!), loving life, working at libraries with the occasionally very interesting patron, following the above and other blogs to keep abreast of the world of fatness, body acceptance and news about all the many things I’ve followed since before I decided to thrust forth into this blogging venture.

Thank you so very much to all the folks who have read my words, found value within them, and followed me here.  You are all amazing, thoughtful people who encouraged me to stay on here longer than I think I would have otherwise.

Keep being beautifully amazing you lovely readers and may all your ventures be successful and as-long-lived as needed for you to get out of it what you want out of them.  Shake your body-happiness at every chance and I will see you around the Fat-o-Sphere!

Shimmies from your Roundly Shaped April D.

Roar!  Be fierce, live your happiness, don't neglect your sadness, exude joy when you're joyful and hurt when you're pained.  Feel the wonder of each breath given in your body; however it is shaped or drawn.  You are beautiful, powerful, and amazing because you are YOU.

Roar! Be fierce, live your happiness, don’t neglect your sadness, exude joy when you’re joyful and hurt when you’re pained. Feel the wonder of each breath given in your body; however it is shaped or drawn. You are beautiful, powerful, and amazing because you are YOU.


10 thoughts on “Officially Closing The Round Shape

  1. sad to see you go April, i’ve enjoyed reading your blog. but i do totally understand the need to move on. i wish you all the best! thank you for all that you have done for us readers!


    Okay, I did see the handwriting on the wall, but dayum, girl, I am going to miss the hell out of this blog.

    Thanks for all the thoughtful posts, intriguing ideas, gigglesome turns of phrase, and awesome belly dancing pics. You’ve given me more than you will ever know.

    • Twistie that’s what I felt when Manalo closed too! Thanks for always being an amazing reader and helping to make me want to keep this up as long as I did!

  3. Thank you April for your thoughtful words. Your blog was one of my faves in the fat-o-sphere and I will miss you, but I do get that sometimes we need to move on – I did it with multiple other blogs I used to write. Take care of you, and I hope you dance your patootie off and keep smiling and radiating joy and acceptance where yoo go.

  4. Aww nooooo! Thanks for the awesome posts and dancing videos! I will miss you and your spunk and enthusiasm. Good luck and let’s keep on loving life 🙂

  5. I am very sad to see your blog come to a close, your blog was a huge voice and help in my own journey to self acceptance and being able to look at myself with love. You were also a huge inspiration to me to stop being afraid to move my body in public and to see your videos made me realize that fat movement is truly beautiful. You also gave me a hunger to learn belly dancing and should a size friendly place open in my area it will be the fact that you opened my mind to it as a fat person that will prompt me to sign up for classes. I am so very thankful for this blog, and though I am sad to see it closing, I am glad you will still be around in other areas!

  6. I’m sorry to see you go, but life is a succession of moving on.

    I look forward to your continued videos on YouTube.

    I wish you the best!

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