Who is April D?

Obviously you have clicked here because you’d like to know more about me, this blog and the reason it exists.  Otherwise you just got lost while getting click-happy.  In either case, I welcome you!

My name is April.  I am an avid bellydancer, and after over 6 years of practice and performance I have become fairly adept.  I love to swim and have been slowly increasing the number of laps I can swim each session.  I love to crochet.  I eat what my body needs and while I am still learning to listen to my own body, I treat it with care and love.  I am in great shape and feel fantastic.  I am also fat.

This blog exists because I felt, after spending the better part of a year reading and contributing comments to blogs in the so called “Fat-o-sphere” of fat acceptance blogs, that it was time to add my own voice to the mix.  I can not make any promises as to what this blog will turn out to be but it is my hope that some of my thoughts and reflections upon daily life and the world around us may help others to see fat and people who happen to be fat as what they are:  People.  Regardless of our size, we all deserve to be able to accept ourselves, love ourselves and not be judged for others based on our appearances.

Fat, thin, tall, short, active, lazy, healthy, unhealthy….whatever labels you might think to attribute to a person, remember, under it all, we are all still simply this:  People.  It is my hope that the ideas I bring up here will help to spark conversations and thinking about not only starting to like YOURSELF for who you are but also about respecting others for who THEY are.


50 thoughts on “Who is April D?

  1. April, you’re awesome! I love the video of your dance routine. And your blog title makes me giggle whenever I pop by here for a visit. Go, April, go!

  2. Hi, April!

    I stumbled across your blog… don’t change a thing, woman, you are beautiful! I was born with a heart defect, so I can’t hang around too long — your smile is making my heart race! Not good for me! 🙂

    I’ve always been a believe that if 1) you are reasonable healthy and 2) if you are happy as you are, then you get to choose your own lifestyle. It’s not my place to tell someone what/how to think. So you just keep on speaking the truth, young lady!

    If you (or your readers) head over to my blog, you may see a few things you disagree with. Since I have a bad heart, I gotta take care of myself — or I am not long for this world. But that applies *only* to me and my unique situation.

    (I really think I need to talk to my doctor about prescribing me a daily 100mg dose of your smile, I think that will do me a LOT of good!)


  3. Have read only a page or two of your blog and have to let you know I’m impressed, not only with your spirit, your focus and your determination, but I’m also infected by it.

    Sadly could not get the video to run, but can only say Yay for you. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi hi!

    First of all, I’d like to say “WOW!”
    Your dance was incredibly beautiful!! I, who has been born in a land of incredible hip-moving dances, can’t do it. XD But then again, I haven’t fully tried (and, zomg, I should!!!).

    Second, I have no idea how I stumbled here (to the site/blog per say), but I guess I want to state (and share) that today I learned a little about accepting myself the way it is. Mostly by having read many blogs on women who have done the same.

    I should stop being silly about what other people say. Yup. That’s right.

    Anyway, that’s it. I’ll bookmark this blog so that I don’t loose it. Keep it up, you’re doing great so far! 😀

  5. I love your blog but mostly that you love yourself..since not many women do these days..I guess most of them just read and look at too many fashion magazines..wishing they looked like someone else. I love my body and I admire women that can say they love theirs too.
    Keep doing a good job 🙂


  6. April, I found your blog because I googled “round is a shape.” I have always loved that concept “I’m in shape. Round is a shape,” and am using it in a little routine I am doing for a Sacred Theater production in Portland, OR. So, just want you to know I’m thrilled to see your blog and your wonderful belly dancing action! You go girl.

  7. April,

    Thank you so much for this blog. Your words are like ice cream on a hot day, like a warm fire on a cold day. You are an inspiration. You have a new fan!


  8. SHAKE IT!!!

    That was the best belly dancing I’ve seen in a very long time. You seem like you are still focusing hard on the technical aspects and haven’t really gotten into the flow of the movements, but you’re well on your way. There are moments when you go with the music and WOW!

    Don’t be afraid to be sexy because belly dancing is sexy and so are you! Well done!

      • OH! Much improved! You have excellent fluidity of movement and a really nice snap to your hips now! Excellent work! So proud of you 😀

        I’m working back up to a level where I can start dancing again and am really looking forward to being able to get more bellydance than the few lessons I’ve had here and there when I was able to grab them.

        Honestly, you have a great bod! So glad you’re out there shaking it and showing it off!

        Also, really glad that I caught the early video and got to compare it to how you are doing now. It’s encouraging to see how you’ve developed as a dancer. Thank you for sharing your videos!

        • 😀 Thanks so much for the comment twilightriver! I love that I’ve improved and look forward to getting even more fluidity and isolation of movement going in the future. ^^

  9. I just want to say thank you for the great stories, thank you for challenging me to think; which believe me, is a challenge and for bringing a smile to my face. I am new to this blog but I am glad that I found it.

  10. Great blog. You remind us that being happy with yourself isn’t dependent on what size you wear. And as long as a person is happy, that is what matters. Not your age, your clothing size, or any of the other things people make snap judgments about…

  11. April, I stumbled across your website purely by accident… I thank you for creating it…. I suffer from terrible body image issues and low self esteem. Reading through your blog really made me feel better about the shape of my own body…. I doubt I’ll take up belly dancing any time soon, but I’ll certainly take it into consideration….

  12. WOW! I came to your blog to see the hummingbird pattern and found a hero. Like you, I am NOT a petite person. But I have struggled with self-worth issues most of my life. Only recently have I begun to see myself in a more positive light. I KNOW that visiting your blog will keep me grounded and I’ll have someone to look up to. YOU ROCK, April! Thank you! HUGS! Kai

  13. Hi April,I came for the humming bird pattern and found you,you are truly great I too am heavy but that how it is and i dont mind a bit,you belly dance great,I wish I could.thank you so much.God Bless.

  14. Hello April! I’ve been browsing around reading alot of fat blogs lately and I just wanted to say I enjoyed your dancing! It amazes me that people can move their hips like that with their upper body completely still.

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    • Hi Danelle,

      Thanks for asking but I’m not really in the business of trading links. I appreciate if you link to me but please only do so if you find something I say relevant to your own site 🙂

      I do hope that you update your site a bit more with recent content and hope it takes off well! 😀

  16. Hello, April:

    I am currently creating a powerpoint for an academic presentation (the results of my diss actually). Could I use one of your belly dance pictures to illustrate HAES? I think I like the red one best, but any would be good.

    Thanks, Lonie

  17. I LOVE your blog! I found it by accident, but I will definitely be back! Your attitude is what life is all about! Thank you for writing and sharing..Love it!

  18. You’re truly a beautiful Woman. I would love to have the same self confidence you do. All my adult life I’ve been very cautious about going out and doing activities in case of ridicule. I haven’t been swimming in years even though I’m good at it and absolutely love it. Always wanted to belly dance! I’m inspired by you and shall get my groove on.

    • bexkee I do hope to inspire and am so happy to hear you wan to “get your groove on” 😀 Dance, Swim, Live, Enjoy I say 🙂

  19. Hi April D…Found your blog by searching for “Round is a Shape”. I thought my first (late) husband had invented the concept of “I’m in shape…round is a shape!”, but apparently lots of other bright round folks have thought of it as well. It would be a great name for a shop catering to “plus size” customers, don’t you think? Anyway, I am very impressed by what I’ve read of your blog so far. Will be adding you to the blogs I choose to follow Thanks for the upbeat outlook on life, and some great belly-dance videos as well!

    • joyL thanks for the comment and for following! 🙂 I hope to continue adding fabulous content! And yes, I think Round Shape or Round is a Shape would be a fun store name 😉

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