Officially Closing The Round Shape

In the case it wasn’t already rather blatantly obvious to all but those handful of rather determined readers hoping otherwise; I have been seriously neglecting the blog here. It is long overdue to be said but: Round Shape has come to the end of its long and, to me and hopefully at least a few others HELPFUL, run.

I feel like I’ve had a REALLY great time here in saying my piece.  I have asked many questions, raised many salient points and posted much on my own life as a fat woman.  I’ve reached the point, however, where the time, energy (and anger) I need to craft the witty and thoughtful sorts of posts that I enjoy placing here is more than I have to give to this venture; especially when I’ve come to feel that it is simply making the SAME point over and over again, mostly preaching to the choir.

Some great blogs to read that I follow for news and empowerment in the field of discussions on fatness, as well as feminism, racism, sexuality, intersectionality, and more:

If I ever create more little crochet-creatures you can find them on  The posts here will stay up as an archive of the many great things done here at RoundShape over the years (wow, yes, YEARS) that I AM in Shape, ROUND is a Shape, has been up and running.

As for me?  I plan to keep dancing (the spring schedule is already filling up!!), loving life, working at libraries with the occasionally very interesting patron, following the above and other blogs to keep abreast of the world of fatness, body acceptance and news about all the many things I’ve followed since before I decided to thrust forth into this blogging venture.

Thank you so very much to all the folks who have read my words, found value within them, and followed me here.  You are all amazing, thoughtful people who encouraged me to stay on here longer than I think I would have otherwise.

Keep being beautifully amazing you lovely readers and may all your ventures be successful and as-long-lived as needed for you to get out of it what you want out of them.  Shake your body-happiness at every chance and I will see you around the Fat-o-Sphere!

Shimmies from your Roundly Shaped April D.

Roar!  Be fierce, live your happiness, don't neglect your sadness, exude joy when you're joyful and hurt when you're pained.  Feel the wonder of each breath given in your body; however it is shaped or drawn.  You are beautiful, powerful, and amazing because you are YOU.

Roar! Be fierce, live your happiness, don’t neglect your sadness, exude joy when you’re joyful and hurt when you’re pained. Feel the wonder of each breath given in your body; however it is shaped or drawn. You are beautiful, powerful, and amazing because you are YOU.


Beautiful Reminder: Why I do this

I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted; and longer since content of real depth.  Life has been cruising along nicely though.  It was today, though, that I’ve gotten a quick reminder of just why I DO enjoy writing here.  Someone indicated they were linked and found my blog and told me that reading it made them happy.  To think that a post of mine could have brightened someone’s day, in a world of such rampant doom, gloom, negativity, and projected self-hatred was really a rather meaningful moment.

A lot has been going on in the Fat-o-Sphere and in my own life.


  • Big Liberty takes on some common refusals to believe that 95% of dieters will fail and regain weight.  The comments are a nice filling out of the discussion. For other 101-style topics check out her newly moved Truth Behind Fat references page. It’s rather well-rounded and a great place to start gathering verbal weapons for any mild to intensive Fat Acceptance “arsenal” you might wish to have at your disposal!
  • Regan over at Dances with Fat has gotten an amazing venture off the ground and billboards are going up in George to counter the very negative Strong4Life campaign which has been plastered down there.
  • There has been a LOT of kerfuffle over mis-steps made in the sphere as well.  White privilege, white silence, cultural blinders and downright racisms were brought to light, discussed, examined and, for me, have really highlighted the many ways that there is still a LONG way to go before these many movements that intersect for social awareness actually combine forces well and effectively. I’ve been watching and reading and listening and have learned that I have, I’m sure, made my own mistakes and will strive to, as Regan herself put it, “be a better activist” both here and in all the many spheres in which I interact.

On to Life:

  • Was working hard with Adam D to buy a house but so far we’ve gotten into two failed bidding wars so we’re taking a brief pause on that.
  • Have a lot of fun dance events coming up that I’m working on pretty hard.  Candle dance, sword dance, tribal awesomeness with amazing women, all great, intense and yet mentally centering work that I love doing.
  • Was really working hard on finding a new job but after two great interviews and even one decent job offer, I’ve realized what some of the more important and meaningful bits of my life are and have shifted my priorities a bit.  So, if nothing else, the process has honed my interview skills a bit and also helped me find some calm in my day-to-day life, taking away a pressing stress I didn’t even fully realize was there.
  • I’ve started following the recipe blog Movita Beaucoup and have been longing to try this cookie recipe that I might take on this weekend!
  • I’ve got quite a few crafts in the making and need to settle into finishing a bunch of them!

How are you all my Round-Shape readers?  Crafts in the making? Cleaning of the Spring (or Autumn) variety nagging at your heels? Restful moments recharging your spirits?  What’s making you tick right now and making a bright spot in YOUR day/week/month/year/life?



In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious after a month’s silence: I’ll be on a bit of a (longer) hiatus here at Round Shape.  Life is going splendidly and I’m dancing, living, loving and all that good jazz.  I’ll be around, perhaps even commenting elsewhere in the sphere now and then, but  I’m taking an end-of-year break from ranting at all the various and sundry ways that humanity is set against fatness to recharge the mental batteries.  I feel I’ve said a lot here and might, after the new year, have more to say. I might not, and might just close the blog to new posts and leave what is here as a reference. Either way I know I’ve already done some good things here for my own mind and hope I’ve positively affected a few of you out there as well!

I hope everyone out there still keeping tabs or popping in is doing well!


Graduation is coming…until then: Fatty Fencing!

New skirt and vest

The bra was a re-do of a previous self-made tribal bra. So much skirt!! 😀

I have just over a week of classes left as I work on completing this last semester of school for my MLIS.  I’m so excited.  And burnt out. And tired.  And happy. And worried about the future and what the degree might (or might not) mean.

Had a great Easter.  Had a wonderful belly dance recital; got new drum-technique dvd and a new cd of music and also my huge 32 yard skirt finally came in! (that’s it with the new vest!) I’m also still out here, living my roundly-awesome life.

So to sorta compensate for the lack of content lately (and likely forthcoming as I finish these last days of school) I thought I’d post a video we have of me during the few weeks of Groupon-en-cheapened fencing classes I took with Adam D.

It was fun but, ultimately, we didn’t learn so much as we flailed around at each other, hoping to glean some bit of helpful technique along the way.

Still, quite a blast while we did it!  (Especially once I brought a length of cloth to extend the cord that goes between the legs on that snug-white-body-suit thing.  Fencing WITHOUT the constant wedgie?  Vastly improved over the alternative.  Just saying…)

As far as being a fat woman in a fencing class I’d say that I didn’t feel too put out; though (as I said above) the largest of the freebie-practice-garb tops (which was a 2XL over on the men’s side btw) was rather snug.  Still, it fit and once I added length to that crotch-rope it was even more comfortable. The chest protector was very tight as it was an unforgiving plastic shield for the breasts.  Over that was a secondary one-arm sleeve sheath that was intended to add further protection (or just add to the sweat-potential..whew!).  It wasn’t super-bulky but definitely not a sleek profile.  Actually it felt a bit like trying to stab someone while wearing an ill-fitting marshmallow suit.

I didn’t feel any animosity or other angst from the instructors that I happened to be taking up “too much space”.  Which is rather nice for a sport! Though, it might have just been the laid-back feel from this particular fencing studio; I only have the one to use for “study”.

The best class experience was actually when we learned one of the 4 moves we got to learn and spent time drilling on them, over and over.  I was placed against a young student who was great at correcting me and offering suggestions.

So, would I recommend fencing?  I’d suggest trying it.  Or at least watching a class.  Check to see if there are any “Open Fencing” nights at places nearby so you can watch a few battles and see if the level of activity (mostly lots of back and forth and small hand motions) is for you.  If you can get a great coupon to test out a beginner class, go for it.  Though, if you’re worried, maybe send a note to ask if there are any practice-armor pieces that might fit your proportions to prevent that frantic scramble at suit-up time.

Now I’m curious about a place down the street that I pass each morning on the way to work that is boasting a sign for equestrian lessons…hmmm.  Maybe time to explore what they are offering…

Round-Shape Snow-day Update

Well I’ve finished my penultimate class towards my Masters degree in Library (and Information) Science.  Next week begins the final and (happily) on-line class on Young Adult Literature.  So a lot of my time right now is spent trying to visually or audibly gobble up the 30+ YA books I’ve been assigned for the semester!  I will be glad to finish the course but anticipate a good time.

As for the blog I have a few thoughts rolling around for future posts.

  • For one thing I’d like to dig out a few vegetarian recipes for Yorkie that I love to make and eat (mmm maybe I’ll do my simple “Broccoli & Noodles” one for Thursday this week…need pics though…)
  • I just watched my first ever episode of “Glee” tonight and was completely drawn into the diverse cast, the pain of high-school reborn before my eyes, and the rather nice singing.  (I have a strong feeling that high school would have been vastly improved with copious amounts of singing.  Which makes me think I would probably like High School Musical too.  But then again, maybe not since part of Glee’s charm thus far has been the fact that there are two non-thin girls in the club.) So there may be posts about that coming.
  • I have some new outfits coming which might be the topic of my own amateur fashion posts (as fashion-y as I get at any rate)
  • The music for the March concert is in and I’ll be tooting my trumpet to get those practiced
  • Expect a review or two from some of the books I’m reading as I find YA lit I really enjoy
  • I am going to order new, hopefully prescription, swim goggles and hope to review that here

On the suggestions end, are there things my few readers might hope to hear more of from me? Topics to cover, thoughts to probe, ideas to explore, books to read and review?

Thursday: no adventures, but coming soon

Okay I have like 3 cooking adventures all waiting for the pictures (including Pierogies and the red cabbage & apple delight suggested by Twistie!)  I’ve been incredibly busy with my class though and with practicing for the belly dance recital this week so that is why I’ve been a bit silent blog-wise.

Content is working its way through my few moments of spare time though.  I’ll also have some pics and reflections about that dance show and other things of an uplifting, thoughtful, soon-to-be-posted nature.  For now though I feel like I’m running around with no time and so much to do but lots of energy and love for doing it!  Also?  I need a hit of something cute today.

So it is with that in mind that I give you:

Tazo the otter, being absolutely Squee-worthy in otter-y cuteness.

adorable otter is looking for the next good content-filled post!

This adorable otter is looking for the next good content-filled post! It is coming little friend! Soon!

New blog look, recap of 2+ years of content, link love

New blog look:

So Round Shape has updated its look.  Or, to be less passive, I’ve updated the theme on my blog to reflect the way that I feel about it.  That is to say, that this is an electronic notepad into which I jot the many thoughts I have regarding my own life as a lap-swimming, trumpet-playing, belly dancing, crochet pattern-crafting, fat, white, cis-gendered, married without children, woman living in the North Eastern US of A.

Since this new theme is sans header I decided to add a recent picture to the top of my right-hand column.

Basically: new look, same author and generally fat-life related content.

Recap of 2+ years of content:

Oh and this comes as I enter the second month of my now 3rd year of blogging here. That’s  over two solid years of posting on my own experiences and thoughts.  Holy heck.  How does time go by so happily and quickly sometimes?

To recap these few years I decided to look back at my posts which seemed to get the most traffic:

By far my most popular post is for my Amigurumi Hummingbird pattern, which has seen a lot of action since its posting last December.  Who’d have thunk it?

A more blog-title-related post with a large amount of readership was my rambling about getting a shorter haircut with the dreaded “Chubby Face”. This might explain why my absolutely top, of all time, search term leading here is “hair styles”.  Well I do hope some folks stumble across that page and realize that there are no really and truly arbitrary hair style limits they must adhere to based simply on the size or shape of their head!

Lastly, three other posts which I really enjoyed seeing at the top of my list of popular posts were “Who LOOKS Fat vs. Who IS fat” and “Muffin Top, who lives in every lane” and a bit further down after my “about” page and a few others, “Fasting reminds me why I don’t diet anymore.”

Link love:

Since I’ve been reveling this past week in the joy of not having classwork due, thanks to the end of my summer course just this Sunday with the handing-in of an entire website coded and loaded by myself and 3 others, and reveling in the celebrations of my Adam D’s recent birthday this Monday, I’ve been reading but not really writing my thoughts on a few topics going around.  So here I’m going to share some link-love for folks doing some amazingly thought-provoking or smile-provoking things in the spheres I read.

Stiletto Siren has to be one of my favorite fashion blogs to watch, especially considering I’m no-where near a fashion (or fatshion) person myself.  Her poses and sass and the outfits she showcases are wonderful to see, as is her wit wonderful to read.  This most recent post actually excited this normally jeans and polo-shirt wearing woman to consider a few spunky dresses of her own!  Rock on Stiletto Siren!

Bri over at Fat Lot of Good has a nice response to “estimations” that obesity will and will continue to further degrade quality of life in us fatties.

Estimation is not science people. Estimation is not cold hard fact. Estimation is not causation. Sorry Dr Jia but estimation just isn’t good enough. So you can take your brilliant idea that my weight affects my quality of life and you can jam it.

Brilliantly put Bri!!  And this comes, in my mind at least, in conjunction with the idea being circulated now that calling people “fat” instead of “obese” will ensure an INCREASE in the shame people feel about their bodies, which proponents of this idea claim is the Best Idea Evah!  Corpulent does a fantastic break-down of this insanity and Obesity Timebomb shares some equally interesting thoughts.

Big Liberty does a nice wrap up collection of the main thoughts and her own reflections on what quickly became a Lane Bryant kerfuffle regarding a designer’s proposed fat-acceptance t-shirt logo of “Does this shirt make my fat arse look fat?” and LB’s knee-jerk “OMG!  That’s AWFUL!!” response.  Was LB just trying to rally for its customers but not quite getting the concept of positive reclaiming of the word/concept “fat”?  Was it innocent mistake or calculated in the hopes of rallying customer support?  What’s your take?

That’s the interesting stuff I’ve been following this week and last.  Anything great that I’ve missed??