Disney Disappoints Again: Leave our Fatty Villains Alone!

I know that I likely shouldn’t be surprised that Disney has managed to disappoint me yet again.

There are so many ways that they continue to support the girl-only-as-worthy-as-her-man crap. This is all in addition to the many other ways that Disney is known to be pretty awful in their lack of support for creative, intelligent, non-man-hunting women.

Brave is different but then, you’ll notice, they didn’t come up with that idea.  Perhaps buying Pixar was one of the best things they could have done. I’d love it if future films continued in the vein of Brave, supporting heroic, intelligent and independent girls and women.  Maybe in the future of movies there will even be a fat heorine for once!  A girl can dream, right?

Even the few fat characters that Disney has are conspicuously absent from their merchandise. I still can’t find or get them to want to sell merchandise which highlights the awesome fat fairy tinker: Fairy Mary. Can’t the fat characters get some love?  I mean, Fairy Mary is the freaking lead Tinker Fairy for crying out loud!

So I was immediately intrigued when I noticed that there was a new collection of dolls that Disney was promoting: Villains!  Ursula!!!  Fat, evil, amazing, octopus, Ursula from The Little Mermaid!  Oh man if I could get something like that, buying online would be so fun!

I had high hopes but thought I was being cautiously hopefully instead of idealistically unrealistic.  Turns out, I have to admit that I still was shocked and saddened when I saw the dolls in the “Disney Villain Designer Collection” and realized that while they DO have the awesome Ursula from The Little Mermaid….they made that giant, fat, amazing character…into a waif-like representation not at all like the original.

I mean, seriously????  Come ON.  So, what are they saying?  That you can’t be “Designer” without being straight-sized-model thin and posed in a seductive manner? Freaking….I mean, aside from light purple skin you tell ME how this even remotely resembles the original fat, octopussy character (While loooking for pics, I realize that Jezebel also points out this unfortunate change):

Even the Queen of Hearts is reduced to the same, boring, nearly duck-faced, pouty, seductress posed and super-thin sized body doll.  *sigh*

It’s sad when the biggest thing ON these dolls, who are supposed to be glam-styled representations of evil villains of various sizes and shapes but nearly equivalent levels of malevolence; is their poofy skirt.

It’s bad enough that us fatties have only ever had villains in our body size but for Disney to erase even that has given me a huge sad, as an LOLCat might say.


Arwen Renn Gown in action!

Okay so a few weeks ago I posted about the site Holy Clothing with their rather impressive size-ranges in well-priced lovely Renn-Faire-esque gowns and other sundry fun garb.  I finally got around to having Adam D take some picks of me in this dress and wanted to share the awesome!

Deep Red Arwen Square Neck DressNow I’m looking into saving for a summer dress because this gown is just so comfortable, flattering and lovely.  When I put it on Adam D’s eyes lit up and he said, “Oooo I LIKE that”. When I posted the image on Facebook many friends declared that the dress gave them “sleeve envy”.

For sizing the measurements given in the charts are spot-on.  I recommend taking measurements and going with those for the perfect fit. The fabric is a soft, light, breathable material with lots of beautiful gradients which give it depth and make it almost appear to be crushed velvet in appearance (though it is not velvet at all). The crafting is well done and not at all the sort of shabby quality I was fearfully expecting for the low price.  I expected something along the lines of the paltry Plus-Size Costume in quality but was so happy to realize that this was much more like what I’d wished for in a purchased outfit for a Renn Faire (or even a fancy outing). Huzzah for getting something amazing without having to MAKE it yourself if you happen to be over a size “Large”!!!

Purchasing from Holy Clothing was simple and shipping was even a tad faster than the estimate given.

I did not receive any remuneration for this promotion-esque post but did want to share my lovely experience with the clothing and company and highly recommend them if you’re looking for a place to get a well-made, not outrageously-priced, high-quality item for your next medieval event or other gathering.  Their sun dresses look rather fun for everyday wear and might be my next purchase!!

Happy Day of Love all!

Renn Garb for up to a 5X !!

Okay, I know that most folks probably realize by now that I’m a huge Renn-Faire geek.  Love to go and dress up and prance around.  However, usually I end up making my own outfits unless I’m REALLY lucky and find a vendor willing to offer a size above “S-M-L-XL” (and only XL if you’re already lucky). Once found, though, such larger sizes usually cost a bundle. So, either you suffer in hand-made (well, suffer if you aren’t really into being careful about sewing and make many mistakes as I do) garb; or you HOPE for overpriced stuff that MIGHT fit… if you let out non-existent seams or squeeze the right bits enough.  Well,

Thanks to a friend on Facebook though I’ve stumbled into a site that I just MUST spread around and share for any other like-minded folks:  HolyClothing.  Just in browsing through the dresses I’ve already found things that I’m longing to buy and wear.  The selection ranges from size S – 7X.  However, I did notice that the selection really only stays great (at least for dresses) up through 5X.  There is only one item for 6X on the site and nothing listed (yet?) for 7x (though the category for that does exist so perhaps that is coming in the future?). Still I was excited to see a place willing to serve all size groups through a larger than usual range.  There seems to be a slight increase in price when you hop from L to 4X ($5 where I could note the change).

One other fun thing?  There are sun dresses listed as well.  Bit “medieval” in theme but rather nice, flowy, some arm-baring, and all right up my alley.  Might be some summer dresses in my future!

Here are some pieces really striking my personal fancy:

Riona Bustier Corset Empire Peasant Boho Sun Dress ($50)

Kayla Renaissance Princess Bohemian Sun Dress ($45)

Arwen Square Neck Renaissance Medieval Princess Gown Dress  ($65)

I’m not having luck snagging pics to show off here and link back there but take a peek; it’s worth the look!

Happy Snowy Saturday (for those of us getting or digging out of snow)

Not dieting: means my clothes STILL FIT! Imagine that…

The sun has finally been making its tentative blazing entrance this Spring after weeks of dreary rainy-ness.  While I’m not as fond of the coming humidity and temps above 80; I do LOVE an excuse to get the shorts and capris back out for the season!  I’m firmly a lover of capris and long-ish shorts that don’t ride up (something I’ve learned is improved when you’re not trying to squeeze into a pair of shorts about 2 sizes too tight!  The pleasures of finally learning to ignore size tags and just get the damn larger size so that I’m comfortable is actually tangible!!)

I also love barefoot season.  I tend to regulate my body heat through my head AND my feet and LOVE when the toes get to wriggle free instead of being all closed up in socks and shoes (no matter how cute).

I just can’t help but think today, as I pulled out a pair of shorts that is at least 1 or 2 years old, that it is amazing being able to open a drawer on a new season KNOWING that everything from last year will still fit!  Talk about economic savings!  It is ALSO a boon since I’ve been on a hunt for new cargo-capris to replace my sorely rubbed-thin pair and have had no luck finding something that isn’t draw-string/elastic or have awkwardly placed leg-zippers or are so damn see-through that the wearer must have to carefully choose which panty line they want people to gawk at that day!  So, while I hunt for those I will happily wear my cute shorts and continue rocking this quasi-beach-day feel that has infected myself and many of those around me today as the sun glows down on us.

So I leave you this sunny (for me at least) day with a pic from 2009 of our Ecotarium visit (OTTERS!!) in which I am wearing the same shorts I am sporting today.  And I ask you to share what sort of small (or large) clothing victories have you come across recently?  Did you wear a color you never thought someone with your shape/size could/should wear?  Did you pull out a sweater from 2 years ago and realize that your refusal to continue roller-coaster diets means it isn’t big or small: it still fits?  Or are you finding something frustrating right now?  Swimsuit season (Bearly on Earth has a lovely post on this) is upon us in the North: is that bringing frustration or glee?  Chat your current clothing thoughts at me.

Otter...and cute shorts!

Otter...and cute shorts!

On my mind in FA today

Fencing Fatty?  You'd better believe it!

Fencing Fatty? You'd better believe it!

I’ve been reading a lot in the sphere and elsewhere lately and since I am still blustering through my last semester of classes (and Fencing, which I get to do again tonight for the 3rd time!) I thought I’d pull up a few topics that have been mulling around in my head that others have been covering fabulously. No TCA again today but I have more pictures now at least 🙂

Michelle Obama and the Anti-Obesity Crusade

Over at Live Once, Juicy, the important question of whether or not Michelle Obama is listening to us at this point is posed.  Is she caught in a  snowball effect at this point in her efforts to squash Childhood Obesity, such that even if she CAN see the troubled light of future bullying at the end of the tunnel, it is too late to stop Progress for Progress’ Sake?

I think that’s a very good question (and even ponied up to take a moment to write my senator to add height & weight to the list of protected classes in the Anti-Bullying bill)  and while Paul Campos and others have done wonderful work to examine Mrs. Obama’s current crusade. In fact Mr. Campos brings forth this fabulous quote on the case:

“Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity is exactly the sort of crusade that liberals who don’t want to give ammunition to conservative critiques of government activism should oppose. It is a deeply misguided attempt to solve an imaginary health crisis by employing unnecessary cures that in any case don’t work.”

Still, I find myself wondering as Live Once, Juicy does, “Is this all just spiraling out of even Michelle Obama’s control?”

What does “Perfect” Look Like?

Sociological Images recently had a really eye-opening and picture-filled post on the illustrated line up of the well-oiled and primed bodies of Olympic Athletes.  It is worth checking out all of the images (which you can now see here since the post was removed at Sociological Images per request of the photographers) but here is my favorite as a teaser:

As the author over at Intergalactic Messages reminds us: “strong bodies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and muscles show up in different ways. It also helps us keep in mind that not everyone who is fit is also lean”

Fattest Countries

Living ~400lbs had a fantastic post about the reality of which country really qualifies as the “fattest nation”. Just as a brief teaser on the data she dug up? The fattest isn’t the US, UK or Australia (though all three are so eager to claim that to be the case). None of those 3 even make it into the top 10 unless you do a specific bit of number sorting.  Check it out to see what she found.

New Looks for a Sunny Perspective

As the cold lingers and keeps coming in waves here in the Northeast of the USA I found myself happily viewing Diva In Deep Thought’s recent DOTD post.  The bright yellow shirt and those great skinny cargos just make me think of warmth and being fashionably out there and it made me smile.

Japan: our sympathies, monies and prayers go out to you

The last I’ve heard in the saga of Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Radiation is that an emergency water drop was attempted at Fukushima.  So much tragedy in one place just ravages my spirit.

I’ve used for both the Haiti relief effort and again now for this event.  If you’ve heard of great places to donate to assist the area please let us know in comments.

Oh, and if you think that such huge levels of human despair and suffering is somehow Nature or God acting in retribution for ANY reason against the populace of Japan?  Fuck you.  Seriously.

On a Happy Cute Note: Science – Now with more Kitties!

Two African Black-Footed kittens, members of an endangered species rarely seen in captivity, are the first of their kind to be born from a frozen embryo via in-vitro fertilization.”

Fat Art & Lane Bryant: Why do your shirts shrink so damn much?

Tonight the hubby and I ventured a few towns over to the public library for a free demonstration on Imaginary Landscapes.  While the “demonstration” was less that and more “Here are some fake trees.  Draw them!” Adam D and I did have a lot of fun being out and about and social with other kind human beings.  It was also nice to be in a very warm room on this below-freezing evening!

Imaginary Landscape

To me it doesn't get much more imaginary than lava pouring into a glacial mountain range and a goat eating next to a wee bridge...

On the other topic, holy frick Lane Bryant!  I mean, I KNOW the label says to wash in cold and tumble dry on low; so I will take the blame on this for now (but you better believe I’ll be checking on this again after a few months of washing the new shirts as directed). I am guilty of being a “Yeah, just throw it all into the washer on warm, tumble-dry on high heat.  Whatevs.” I will be changing this practice in the future for my favorite shirts though because I’ve noticed a disturbing fact.

My friends, I love the Suprima polo shirts from LB. They are comfy, soft, the sleeves a perfect length and (when on sale) nicely priced.  I’ve quite a few now.  However, I started to feel lately that these shirts were riding up higher and higher; that I was beginning to act all Next Generation Star Trek on my wardrobe all the time.  I wondered if I was gaining girth?  But no, my pants are all fitting the same, and not just elastic waistbands but jeans too.  Bras fit the same, t-shirts too.  Just these formerly awesome shirts were giving me that shrinking feeling; like I had eaten the “Grow” cake from Alice in Wonderland and was somehow stretching taller*…

Curiosity turned to a quick photo-evidencing moment when I just received in the mail my recent holiday order (yay for gift cards!!) with another new polo.  I laid them side by side to compare.  WTF; just….just LOOK.  (In case you can’t tell, the blue one is the new one).  Bear in mind that the pink shirt is only (at most) a year older than the blue one:


These shirts are the same 18/20 size. The Pink has just, apparently, been through FAR too many warm water washes and high-heat drying-cycles.

These are not just a little different.  Not a SMIDGEN of shrink.  This is INCHES of shrinkage.  I know I must bow my head and acknowledge fault for mis-understanding that basic polo shirts would need to be specially washed in cold water and lovingly tumble-dried on low-heat.  However, that is a LOT of shrink for a simple, 100% cotton shirt to have, no? Is “Suprima Cotton” made from high-shrink wool??

So I guess my two new shirts (and all the older ones) will be now washed carefully as though they are being slammed down a frozen mountain stream and then whipped dry in the arctic air to prevent their delicate natures from being unbalanced and shrunken from…over-heating.

*Direct quote from Alice in Wonderland about this scene of Alice eating the wee cake: “she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same size: to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake”.  Yes.  That IS generally what happens: nothing.  Yet to convince some folks of this is, for some reason, more fantasy than Alice’s world ever could be.

Fattie Approved Etsy Shops

I had a rather relaxing, if busy and eventful (if those are even possible all at the same time) weekend. I actually played Christmas carols on both Friday and Saturday; both outside.  It was COLD both times but exhilarating.  Brass just sounds amazing outside!

Playing outside

The horn is COLD but the tunes are hopping 🙂

Shopping was a key component on Sunday and while it was a calm experience I did hear from one cashier at a crafts store, “Wow you guys are smiling?  Everyone so far has been a bit more…harried!”  Yes, Adam D and I were enjoying ourselves and not running amok with time constraints, budget concerns and gift-buying lists hanging over our heads while we tried to navigate tight aisles stuffed with other shoppers and merchandise glaring down from all sides screaming in flashing, festive lights “BUY OUR CRAP!”

But I think one of the main reasons we were calm and able to just poke around enjoy things is that we’re done with any holiday gift buying that we hoped to do; and most of it was done on-line.  I’m a HUGE fan of, (a great boon for those looking for a hand-made craft done by amazingly skilled artisans running their own businesses), and other on-line stores offering discounts, coupons and free shipping to its customers.  As such, I’ve been doing most of my gift buying (year round) using on-line options.

Mostly, though, I’ve been loving  It is a site which gathers many crafty-folks all in one place to vend their wares. It begs for browsing and you could conceivably get lost for days exploring what is available for sale.  There is everything from jewelry to antiques to clothing to knickknacks to toys to furniture and more; most available to customize!

So in the spirit of sharing, I’m going to point out a few of my favorite stores in Etsy which have proven either fully Fat Friendly or at the least easy to communicate with. I am not getting any remuneration for promoting these folks; I’ve just done business with them and was pleased with the outcome and feel every good turn deserves another!

Please share any other stores (or even your own!) in the comments below.  What other sites have you grinning from the deals or the wonderful customer service?

Jewelry, Ornaments

Carnelian Pendant and Earrings

Goes wonderfully with my orange and earth-toned outfits!

The Chains of Andra Cassidy: Chain mail jewelry and holiday ornaments.

I just purchased this pendant and these earrings, which were a custom order to match the pendant, from this chain-mail artist.  You can see me sporting both in the image to the  right!

I’m DROOLING over this holiday ornament. Her work is just stunning.  The prices aren’t low but neither is the quality.  This shop is run by my best friend from high school.

Special Promo: Share one of her items with your friends on Facebook and receive a coupon code good for a one time 15% discount off of your purchase!


PearlsStory: Freshwater pearl jewelry, free shipping. Commenter TropicalChrome has a pair of their earrings and is absolutely delighted.

I have already been drawn to this Orange Baroque Freshwater Pearl necklace. Looks like it would be a fabulous addition to my usual lovely fall color-schemes!


WeeSparrow: Unique jewelry with free shipping, she lengthened a necklace for commenter TropicalChrome and she loves it and wears it regularly.

These dragonfly earrings look absolutely adorable.


Brown OBI Sash Dress

Has already proven itself at a fall wedding!

BlackRabbitNYC: Independent fashion designer who takes custom orders for all sizes.

I bought this dress in brown and red back in 2009 and still have a warm glow from the transaction.

The conversations for making the custom item were frequent and kind and the end product was lovely. It did take a while to make and ship but since I never specified a time-restraint it was fine.  Her willingness to work with me as a regular human being, simply with larger measurements, was a breath of fresh air and comes highly recommended!

Unfortunately she does not appear to have many items listed in her shop right now but indicates that she can be contacted for custom orders.


Vigilante Laboratories: Custom clothing with the tag line: “We make clothing in ALL SIZES and are plus size and petite friendly. All items are GUARANTEED TO FIT; see the Policy Page for more information.” Recommended by a co-worker.

This coat looks amazing! Though the price is more than a bit high.


BirdSongStudio: Ornaments, signs, jewelry with a vintage look.

I bought this sign for my Aunt in 2009 and she loved it.  The sign was cute, the transaction was simple, the price was great.


Fusion Sweets: Marshmallows and caramels and, as per commenter TropicalChrome “OMG they’re good.”  I can already tell that those Peppermint Berlingots have caught my eye!!


TheLoreStore: Tables decoupaged with “horribly tacky romance novel covers” as per the crafter! 😉  They look like fun projects and great pieces to start a conversation!!

You can request a custom item which opens the possibilities to a whole realm of interesting flat-surface items adorned with book art you’ll be happy to smirk at.


So what other great stores have you come across?  Do you have your own to share?  I might form one of my own for next year to begin selling my crochet creations but we’ll see how that goes.